America is treated as the superpower- what is so special in America?

What makes a country? Its rules and regulations, hardworking people and the government who always rules in favor of the people. What America is doing regarding immigration is of no question here but here the actual question is why  America is treated as the superpower- what is so special in America? This is question pop out every time when America proves its supremacy.

America is treated as the superpower- what is so special in America?
America is treated as the superpower- what is so special in America?

Following are the reasons why America is treated as the superpower- what is so special in America?

  • American government ensure their citizen a good life-

Not only rich but the middle class and the poor ones also have a good lifestyle in America. The American government has lots of social welfare schemes which are run by the money of the taxpayers which helps every person regardless of the financial status to live life happily with his family. Social security ensures the safety of every individual. Laws such as social security are very hard to find in other countries. Such laws, healthcare schemes and other welfare schemes make what America is today. A country that thinks of its people always prosper.

  • Social mobility is there in America as compared to other countries-

America is the country which accepts the people from different countries and cultures and supports them to succeed in their life. For example which another country an Iranian boy Pierre Omidyar who has his own venture eBay will choose to explore an entrepreneur side of himself. Another example of a self-made person is Vinod Khosla who is one of the successful venture capitalists in America. America provides opportunities to the people to explore inner self and achieve greater in their lives.

  • Labor is valued in America-

We have often heard that labor in America is expensive not everyone can afford, this is because laborer is valued in America just opposite to other countries where they are treated like low class. America believes in giving services to the people is not low class, the person giving services could be a CEO or a servant both are treated equally.

  • Social equality among the individuals is achieved by America-

Europe is the country which is considered to more equally economically but in terms of social equality, America is way ahead of it. Fundamentally every individual is the same in America. If a rich man orders something to do to a poor man he could probably say No to his face. If citizens are socially equal then there are more chances of growth.

  • Children are the creator of their own destiny- no one else imposes that on them

In a country like India where children destiny is decided by their parents, in the US children are king of their destiny and they choose their career after exploring the inner self and do succeed in it. When a person is allowed to do what he wanted to do he will do wonder in it. Restricting a person in choosing a career can only result in nothing. America stands at first in providing their youth that liberty of choosing careers.

  • America believes in equal rights for everyone- say no to slavery

Slavery is that bad trait of the society which never allows a country to grow. Discrimination never can help the country to move forward and grow. America is the country which is fighting for it. The fight is at such level that it doesn’t spare university admissions, recruitments in companies, preference to the minority groups. Jesse Jackson is one of the examples which proves that every individual enjoys equal rights in America as he is African American who is living a wonderful life in America overcoming discrimination.

  • America founds peace between religious conflicts- promote harmony

Religious conflicts can take an ugly image if not handled properly but it was handled well in America. Many of the people of different religious groups are living and working together peacefully. What America did differently in handling the religious groups? First, the rights are given to a single individual, not to the religious group. Secondly, no religion is preferred over the other officially, but everyone has the right to follow their religion.


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