Prospect of doing Masters in Australia

Apart from Australia’s living standards or weather or adventurous activities, Australia also is famous for its Master’s program. Many aspirants want to come to Australia for its Masters as Australian universities provide a wide range of courses and the industrial training is comprehensive as it helps aspirants in getting a job after completing the course. Let’s get some idea regarding Prospect of doing Masters in Australia.

Prospect of doing Masters in Australia
Prospect of doing Masters in Australia

Reasons behind choosing Australia for Masters-

  • Great universities offering a wide range of courses.
  • Favorable climate conditions and standard of life.
  • All Australian degrees are internationally recognized.
  • Many of the courses are related to environmental research.
  • TAFE institutions are there for Vocational programs.

Top universities in Australia-

There are many universities in Australia in which a student can apply but some of the top universities are as below-

  • Melbourne University
  • Monash University
  • Australian National University
  • Queensland’s University
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Sydney
  • Adelaide University
  • University of Western Australia

Different Course available in Australian Universities-

Australia like many other follows the three-tier education system that is Under-graduation, Post-graduation and then Ph.D.

  • Firstly are the common traditional courses which are available in other countries also such as MSc and MA. Both the courses lead to the more detailed knowledge of the undergraduate courses. Courses are the combination of theory and research.
  • Professional courses are for those students who have decided to go directly into the job sector after their Under-graduation courses. If you choose to teach as a profession then you can opt for the graduate diploma in teaching for the same.
  • Change of field- This type of Masters is for the one who wants to change the field of their study after Under-Graduation program and want to explore some other field.

Duration of the Master’s course in Australia-

For the normal Master’s degree duration range from 18 months to 24 months. In addition to it, duration depends more on the type of study, you have chosen and if it needs some vocational training or not.

The fee structure for Masters in Australia

Though the universities are government funded the sole power of deciding fee structure is with university only. So there are two factors on the fee will depend on one is university and other is your course of choice.

If we make a rough guess then for the Art courses in Australia it is AUS $ 20,000 and for the science and other programs, it is AUS $37,000.

Requirements for admission in Masters programs-

  • Undergraduate degree from a reputable university recognized by Australian universities.
  • For profession courses work experience is required.
  • A valid test score of tests like GRE for Masters. For business management scores of GMAT is required.
  • One needs to show certificated related to the courses and work one had done in the previous course.
  • You can always submit reference if any from your teachers of Under-Graduation program it will give confidence to your application.
  • Only for the courses by research can demand personal statement to see applicants interest and the determination to achieve the goals.

Letter of the Confirmation of the Enrolment (CoE) from the university-

International students cannot apply for the student visa until unless they have CoE from the selected university. the university will sanction you this document only after you completed the fee depositing formalities.

Student visa for the Masters in Australia-

International students need a student visa to study in Australia except for the students from New Zealand. This visa will allow a student to stay and attend the course in Australia for the time the course lasts. Importantly it is a multiple entry visa so that whenever feeling homesick one go to one’s home country. Visa application fee is around AUS $560.

Health insurance is required for study Masters in Australia-

At the time of visa application apart from academic credentials or financial credential one need to show the proof of health insurance that (OSHC) Overseas Student Health Cover.

Department of the health of Australia has set different parameter for the amount to be covered under the health insurance.



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