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What documents do you provide when invited to apply (ITA) for Canadian PR?

Canadian is becoming the popular destination among the immigrants to settle permanently in the country. The popular way to file the application for immigration to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Those candidates who fulfill the criterion and are eligible for the Canadian PR are furnished with an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

On receiving the invitation, a deserving candidate can apply for the Canadian PR and in less six months he might get the PR provided all the procedure went smoothly. As per your applications and if you are applicable you can take spouse and children along with you. Now the question is- What documents do you provide when invited to apply (ITA) for Canadian PR?

What documents do you provide when invited to apply (ITA) for Canadian PR?
What documents do you provide when invited to apply (ITA) for Canadian PR?

Essential Documents required when invited to apply for Canadian residency-

It is always better to prepare all the documents way earlier than needed. It is suggested after your application got accepted into the Express Entry pool start preparing for the documents. There 90 days period window under which have to submit your documents, so it will be hassle-free.

Language proficiency tests- must for canadian immigration

Language test results are the first and important document to provide. Different language test has a different date of expiry, so make sure at the time of applying for the permanent residency your test results is still to be expired and are valid for the application of permanent residency. In a failure of doing so, your application will get rejected. But in any case, you forgot to check your test results expiry date before filling the application and now it is no more valid what you can do in the meantime-

· You can give the language test again in the meantime.

· Withdraw your invitation and request them to consider you in the pool in the near future.

Police verified certificates from all places where you stayed more than specified period in last ten years

Police verification is needed to apply for the permanent residency in Canada. This is to be done to make sure you are clean with no criminal charges or background. The applicant who is eighteen or more along with their family members who are coming to Canada, all have to go through the verification process and provide the documents within 90 days window. In many of the country, police verification process is slow and your certificates will get a delay, so keep pushing and requesting the officials to give you the certificates on time.

Go through the Program requirements and decide what to do next-

Go thoroughly through the program under which you are invited to apply. Make sure you are an eligible candidate for it. Get familiar with the criterion and the requirements and then apply, making it sure that you want to accept the invitation under this program.

Changes in your personal situation after getting an invitation

This case is also possible that personal life situation like that of because of your spouse changes your scores from the one you have calculated before. This could be possible reasons because of the following reasons-

  • After getting the invitation, the employer which gave you the job offer denied it that is you left with no job offer in hand.
  • Your provincial nomination has been withdrawn. The reason could anything possible.
  • Your language test results are no longer valid
  • After invitation, on expiry of the language test results- you retook you language test and the result that came out is far less than the previous one.

 Owing to the circumstances if you want to Decline an invitation to apply for canadian immigration

As discussed earlier many situations that will lower your score force you to decline the invitation to apply. Declining an invitation is the good thing rather than not providing the required documents within the 90-day window. The worst could happen now is you will not get an invitation in the future.

But declining the invitation won’t have a negative impact on your profile. This will only put you back into the pool to get selected but your option for future application is still open.

So as it says its better late than sorry, do all the requirements as per the rules and do recheck your score before applying. Keep updating the express pool profile and do include every possible requirement that could increase your score.


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