What is like Immigrating and living in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands being a connecting country to the other European countries like Germany, France, Belgium, is among the famous countries for the immigrants who migrate in search of work. Its artistic background is known to everyone as many artists including Mondrian is from here only.  The densely populated country gives you the most amazing experience of your life while staying. So let’s further see What is like living in The Netherlands?

What is like Immigrating and living in The Netherlands?
What is like Immigrating and living in The Netherlands?

Cost of living in The Netherlands- expensive yet affordable

Getting popularity in the past few years it impacts the rise in the cost of living. Dense population gives rise to the housing prices and the immigrants are only allowed to have apartments which are small yet costly, these are called free-sector apartments. But apart from this Amsterdam ranked 57th on a survey conducted on most expensive cities. It is mandatory for everyone to have a health insurance and that too from a Dutch company.

After paying high taxes one thing is assured that is healthcare. Health and the basic commodities are available at very reasonable rates.

the Netherlands Climate- moderate throughout the year

The Netherlands is surrounded by the North Sea from north and west, it gives it a moderate climate with cool summers and moderate winters. As the expert says there is no worst time to visit The Netherlands. Summer holidays may restrict you because at that time Amsterdam is all packed and the prices are fairly high.

Netherlands Languages- official is Dutch and Frisian but English speakers are there too

As mentioned Dutch and Frisian are the official language but you can see everybody can speak and understand English really well. But for staying long-term it is always advisable for the basic local language so that going to a store doesn’t make you feel alienated.

Tradition and culture- Diverse but tolerant polytheistic values

As the country is ruled by the foreigners it could be seen it is culture and infrastructure too. Every region would have a different tradition but one thing that is common is Christmas.

The Netherlands is an egalitarian society which believes family is the foundation of the tradition. They are disciplined in nature and tolerant towards the differences.

Outdoors- scenic and adventurous

Cycling is the most common thing in The Netherlands, every individual there like to ride a bike and explore the countryside. The Dutch architecture is so intrigue and scenic that you just get lost in the artistry. Whether you are walking by the tulip field or crossing the canal or visiting any of the cities like Rotterdam, architectural beauty is everywhere.

As far as the adventurous part is considered you can go for Canoeing, play Golf, go on a boat ride to explore the city more.

Work Culture in The Netherlands- Family time is equally important as working time

Dutch people are happy people. They believe it is equally important to give time to the family as to work. For a foreigner, it might difficult to find a job in the starting as it demands the knowledge of the Dutch language. Majority of the jobs available is in transport, trade, welfare, and health sector.

Travel- connecting point to other European countries

As we have mentioned above The Netherlands is connecting different European countries as in Belgium, France, Germany, so one can easily travel to these countries. Being a small country and intense connecting network one can travel from one side to another very easily and that too at a reasonable price. Here prices of the fare don’t change with the time, it would be same everytime or anytime you get it.

Conclusion- Netherlands offers High Living Standards and Great Health Care

The Netherlands is a beautiful place with law and order. For an immigrant, it is an amalgamation of the cultures as The Netherlands accepts immigrants from different nations. Job finding regulation in The Netherlands is different for the non-EU nationals and demands knowledge of the Dutch language. The country will give high standards of living with basic amenities including healthcare.

Diksha Garg

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