Expected questionnaire of F1 visa interview

F1 visa is the visa required for a student who wants to study in the US. Many of times in all the excitement of going to the US one forget about how grueling the F1 interview is and one mistake in the visa interview can destroy all the dreams of pursuing higher studies in the US. It sounds intimidating but with cautions, it is as simple as it gets. The interviewer sitting there only to explore your reasons and intentions for going to the US. Here in this article, we have discussed Expected questionnaire of F1 visa interview.

Expected questionnaire of F1 visa interview
Expected questionnaire of F1 visa interview

Before going further, one thing that should be clear in your mind is that every interview is different in its own sense but with confidence and good intention it could be done easily. Below mentioned are some questions which are frequently asked in the F1 visa interview-

Questions related to your course in the US during F1 Visa Interview-

Questions related to the course asked just to make sure how determined and why are you in pursuing an education in the US but not in your home country. If you have applied for post-graduation course they will ask you why you have chosen to study further over taking a job. Questions are like-

  • How is this course in connection with your studies and work you have done in past?
  • Why the US but not any other country or not your home country?
  • What are the reasons to continue the studies but not a job?
  • Which subject will you choose for your majors?
  • Currently, where are you working?

Questions related to your choice of university fro applying for F1 Visa for US?

Questions related to your university been asked just to check your qualifications, future goals and just to know how aware are you about the university you are going to study. Questions are like-

  • Why only this university not any other?
  • In total for how many colleges have you applied for?
  • From how many colleges you faced rejection?
  • Are you aware of the whereabouts of your university? Are you in contact with any of the professor?
  • Is this your first time in the US?

Questions related to the academic qualifications during US Visa Interview

Questions like these being asked by the interviewer to evaluate your success during the course. Questions are like-

  • What is your accumulative GPA for the previous course?
  • What is your GRE, TOEFL test scores? (Exams could vary)
  • How will you cope up with the altogether difference in education in the US?
  • Have you applied for the same course in another country?
  • Can I have look at your previous education certificates?

Questions related to the financial status while appearing in Interview for F1 Visa-

These questions interest the interviewer the most as this will make sure are you financially viable to support your education and stay in the US. You need to provide with solid financial proofs to counter these questions. Questions are like-

  • Who will be sponsoring your stay and education in the US?
  • What is a monthly income of your parents or whoever is sponsoring?
  • What will do to deal with the expenses?
  • Have you taken any loan from the bank? Can I see the details?
  • How will you repay the loan?
  • Have you been offered any scholarship from the university?
  • Could you please show me your bank statements?

Questions related to your plans after completion of your course during US Study Visa Interview-

It is true that you can stay after completing your course in the US through H1B or programs like OPT but on the time of interview you have to convince your interviewer that you will return back to your country after completing the course. For this, you have to show documents related to your ties to your home country. It could be family, job offer after the completion of course, property etc. Questions are like-

  • What you have the plan to do after completing the course?
  • Are there any relatives of you staying in the US?
  • Do you have any job offer from your country after you done with the course in the US?
  • Could you show some proofs regarding you going back to your country after completion of your course?


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