Benefits of being an Australian permanent resident

Australia is considered to be one of the wealthiest nations in the world. The Australian government also boost immigration by providing different schemes benefited skilled immigrants, making them come over and settle in Australia. Owing up to the benefits provided by the government majority of the skilled immigrants wants to get permanent residency in the country. Australia same as Canada follows a point based system for immigration. Points are given on the basis of educational qualification, work experience, etc. If you too thinking of attaining a status then stay tuned for the Benefits of being an Australian permanent resident

Benefits of being an Australian permanent resident
Benefits of being an Australian permanent resident

Over the years the Australian economy has grown tremendously, which is one of the reasons to be considered for the migration. Apart from the economy, scenic nature has attracted many. Permanent residency has lots of benefits to offer to a skilled immigrant, which he can enjoy with his family. Following are some mentioned benefits that an immigrant enjoy over getting permanent residency in Australia-

INDEFINITE STAY IN AUSTRALIA- even after expiry of 5 year Visa

An immigrant with permanent residency visa can stay in Australia as long as he wants with multiple entries. He can travel and come back to Australia for as many time in Australia till his visa expires. Generally, a permanent visa is granted for 5 years. Even on its expiry, an immigrant can stay in Australia but he can’t travel. For the traveling, he needs to have Resident Return Visa.  An additional benefit of permanent residency is that you can free enter and leave New Zealand.

Permanent Residents in Australia CAN WORK FREELY – in any of the occupations

In Australia, industrial laws are the same for both permanent residents as well as citizens. A permanent resident can work in any of the occupations except for public services and armed forces with the work permit.

NO LIMITATION FOR PURSUING HIGHER EDUCATION-  Under the Higher Education Support Act 2003, the citizens and permanent residents are allowed to have certain education loans that Higher Education Loan Program (HELP). These programs aid financial help for the education and you can access different discounts for up-front payments.

ELIGIBLE FOR CITIZENSHIP- the Last thing a person can wish for is the citizenship of a country. An immigrant with the permanent resident visa is eligible for applying for the citizenship.

CHILDREN BORN TO PERMANENT RESIDENTS- Australian born children to the permanent resident parents are considered as Australian citizens by birth. This helps children to access the full benefits of healthcare and education.

CAN SPONSOR RELATIVES- immigrants with a permanent resident visa are allowed to sponsor their relatives to come and work in Australia.

HEALTHCARE AND SOCIAL WELFARE BENEFITS- Department of human services runs a government aided healthcare program called as Centrelink. All the permanent residents are entitled to the healthcare benefits under Centrelink. The government also provide social security benefits to the permanent residents but who need help such as a disabled person, retirees, students etc.

GRANT ON BEING-FIRST HOMEOWNER- A permanent resident in Australia is entitled to a grant of $7,000 on purchasing his first home. He is further waived from the stamp duty. Moreover, restrictions imposed by the Foreign Investment Review Board on having residential property is no longer enacted upon you.

CREDIT RATING. On being a permanent resident of Australia you are eligible for the benefits such as car loan, personal loans, credit cards etc. your overall credit rating has been increased on being a permanent resident.

However, it is always tough to achieve this status but once done you can enjoy various benefits under it. If you already staying in Australia and thinking of getting permanent status then it is worth trying keeping all the benefits in mind.

Diksha Garg

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