How different are American universities from the British universities?

The US and UK both are the favorite places for the students who want to come to study abroad and wants to explore the challenges and their ability to tackle them. Universities from both the countries provide quality education and it is up to the students to select based on their requirements and personality. The few differences that they have made it easier for the students as well as their family to choose between the two. Now further let’s see How different are American universities from the British universities?

How different are American universities from the British universities?
How different are American universities from the British universities?


Cost- the primary constraint in deciding between the US or UK universities

It is understandable that cost plays a primary role in deciding. So if we include all the expenses tuition fees, living expenses and other overhead expenses for an undergraduate course it will sum up around for the US universities 30 to 60 lakhs and for the UK universities 25 to 40 lakhs.

To bear such expenses universities and the government have scholarship programs for the international students. In the UK you will find minimal scholarship programs that will fund your study because except few majorities are public schools and loans and financial aid programs are for the local students.

But in this, the US universities are better having both public and private option and they too provide scholarships to aid the financial support for the international students.

Academic courses-the US universities provides flexible whereas in the UK universities are stringent

For majors in the UK universities, one has to decide their majors as per their field of study and that too at the beginning of the course. This doesn’t provide any option for the student to change his course even if he doesn’t want to continue.

Unlike the UK system, the US system in this matter is quite flexible which give the student time to explore their interest. In the US universities, one decides their majors at the end of 2nd year and they still provide students with an option to change it.

If you have a goal of doing specialty in a particular field then the UK is your place but if you want to explore different courses then go for the US. If your particular interest is in the medicine or law at the undergraduate level then the UK is your answer because in the US universities such courses are not available at undergraduate level.

Duration of the courses- it is quite similar in both the countries- UK and USA

Generally in the US undergraduate course takes 4 years to complete but there is a fast-track option to complete it early by taking the courses while the summer break is on.

In the UK it is for 3 years but if you want to take the industrial training with the course then it will complete in 4 years.

Admission process- the UK consider academic performance while the US consider competitive tests-

 For the undergraduate course, the UK universities look for the students who have high academic grades. Completely merit-based entry except for the courses such as medicine or law in which they consider the test scores.

On the other, the US universities look overall, whether the student will fit into the community. Along with the grades they look for the test scores, personal essay written by the student, recommendation if any, extracurricular activities student is interested in.

Method of teaching- occasional assignments in the UK whereas in the US weekly assignment

Universities in the UK are mostly lecture based with only a few or sometimes no assignment throughout the semester. The final assessment is based on the final exams only.

On the other hand universities in the US keep you busing and loaded with the assignments on weekly basis. These assignments accompanied by research papers, presentations and much more. Combining the scores in all these your final results will come out.

Work opportunities- the UK offers industrial training and the US provides OPT

With the restriction of working while you are doing your course in both the countries, universities with their link ups offers the students training during their course to experience how the actual work is done. But there is no guarantee you will get the job after the completion of the course and it is true for both the countries.

The UK universities as mentioned above provides industrial training which makes the course total up-to 4 years duration. Working during the training will count as a work experience.

Similar to the UK, the US universities have this Optional Practical Training (OPT). A student can opt for OPT during the course or after it in their area of study. After that have to continue with the course or apply for the work visa or have to go back to their home country.


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