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Various Changes Made to Canada’s Express Entry Permanent Residence Application

Recently, the government of Canada has brought a number of changes to the applications for permanent residents’ program. According to the government, the time limit for these applications for the Permanent Residence has been reduced. However, the candidate has to receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) via express entry.

Various Changes Made to Canada’s Express Entry Permanent Residence Application
Various Changes Made to Canada’s Express Entry Permanent Residence Application

Previous Time Frame for Permanent Residence Application to Canada

Until the new law that has been passed, the candidates used to have a time frame of at least 90 days to apply for the electronic application for Permanent Residence (eAPR). However, now it has been reduced to a limit of 60 days.

The change has already taken effect from 26th June 2018 and from now onward one has to go through the application process within 60 days. The people. However, got Invitation to Apply before 26th June 2018 will be able to use the old-time limit. They will still have 90 days to submit their eAPR.

If someone has received the ITA after 26th June, they will only have 60 days to submit their electronic Application for Permanent Residence. Although it always has been quite important for an applicant to be proactive about the application process, now that the time frame has been reduced, one has to be highly active and fast forward about this.

Documents Needed for Electronic Application for Permanent Residence for Canada

If an applicant has received the ITA he should start working on the application process immediately. Gathering the important documents needed for the application is the very first thing one should start off with. These important documents include the work history, travel documents, language test results, educational credentials and proof of financial funds.

However, there are two kinds of documents that are quite time sensitive and they are – clearance certificates from the Police and a proof of all the medical examinations. The medical examinations, however, should be done by a physician who is IRCC approved. It takes a lot of time to make an appointment with such a doctor and therefore, you should buckle up.

You can get a clearance certificate from the police of any countries where you have stayed for 6 months or more. However, depending on the process, this can take a really long time to get. So, you can submit a proof of the application to receive these certificates before the new 60 days’ time period will be accepted in the application.

In some issuing countries, the clearance certificates are sent directly to IRCC. But if they are not, it will be your responsibility to provide the IRCC when they ask for it.

Final Steps- for Moving to Canada for Permanent residence

Once you complete your application, you must submit the documents to IRCC within 60 days. The electronic application for permanent residence enters into processing. They are then thoroughly reviewed by the immigrant officials. The documents get their results in within 6 months or less. If you have to submit any kind of additional documents, your review officer will inform you about the same.

Take help from someone during the process as it might turn out to be really confusing at times.


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