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Jobs sectors which are in demand in Canada

Along with the famous job sectors of IT or a software engineer, there are other jobs too that have the scope of growth in Canada. Everybody is not graduated in the science fields some are from commerce background and some have done graduation in arts, so here are some Jobs sectors which are in demand in Canada.

Jobs sectors which are in demand in Canada
Jobs sectors which are in demand in Canada

General laborer- doing everything and anything

This job sector includes sectors of manufacturing, a construction which require the bulk of labor for cleaning, packing, loading and other sorts of work which can only do through experience and the right attitude. Most of the time labor is hired on the contract basis through an agency to ensure the good work and free flow of labors. Salary is per hour basis around $15.90 to $18.39.

Sales and marketing- every job sectors need sales and marketing people

Production only can’t make any company profitable, in making profits sales plays the major role. A company needs sales representatives who can sell their products at the doors of the customers. It is a junior level job which pays $52000 to $64000 yearly. Role of sending directly to other company requires senior level expertise.

Accounting-Involving data analytics and technical skills

This job sector will provide you the stable employment with the boosting financial sector. Data analytics and technical skills regarding the computer software is required. In many of the cases, the employer too provides the training for the software if someone is willing to work with determination. Average pay is $ 63,000.

Construction project manager- Civil engineers are benefitted

All thanks to the boost in the infrastructure industry, civil engineers have good chances of getting jobs in Canada. The job is to manage the construction project of roads, bridges. Professional experience is all required for the job and it will pay $74,000 to $ 92,000.

 Business analyst- Strategic planner of the business

Planning and strategizing the project is the job of a business analyst. How the business will grow and what have to do to increase the production all is decided by an analyst. Students of commerce background who have also some experience in IT can get this job. The average salary is $ 80,000.

Customer service- Job at a call center

With the increase in various types of products, employees are needed to tackle the issue if any come. Issue resolving could be through telephone and face to face. A person needs to have good communication skills with the problem-solving attitude for this job. The average salary is $40,000.

Forklift operator- Deliver product to the consumer from the warehouses

Now is the era of online shopping, and different online sites have warehouses from where the product is to be picked up and deliver to the consumer. With the increase in the number of warehouses in Canada, the scope of this job has been increasing tremendously. Salary is per hour basis which is approximately $18.

 Job recruiters- with job hunting here comes the need of recruiters

Every new immigrant in the need of job goes to the job recruiters as they have tie-ups with the companies to get them a suitable candidate for their company. They know the requirements of the company and from the pool of CVs of the candidates, they select the particular candidate for that job. Moreover, recruiters help the candidates with their CVs and interview. The average salary of the job is $65,000.

Administrative assistant or Receptionist – Do job from clerk to bookkeeping

 Administrative assistants are those who know what is required by each and every employee of the company. We can say they are multitaskers with problem-solving ability. The average salary is around $ 49,000.

Machinist- With coming automation, this job is in demand

Machinist job is to produce in the bulk or as per the clients need metal parts of the machines using tools. This industry is growing hence the scope of getting the job is also fair. The average salary is $24 per hour.


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