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Reasons that show the dark-side of moving to Canada

Everyone you will see now days is talking about moving to Canada and about the opportunities they will get after moving there. No one really talks about the dark side of it as no country is perfect. There always are some loopholes in the system of every country that may or may not fir according to your needs. Let’s further see the Reasons that show the dark-side of moving to Canada.

Reasons that show the dark-side of moving to Canada
Moving to Canada is not always Cinderella Story and it can have its repercussions also. Do your home work thoroughly before moving to canada so that you can get settled faster

A loophole in the immigration system-reason why most of the skilled workers are finding it difficult to get jobs in Canada

A point-based immigration system that is CRS in which points are given on the basis of education, past work experience, language proficiency. Based on these you will be given a visa to stay in Canada. Now the loophole is these credentials are not important when it comes to getting a job in Canada. Canadian experience and other factors come into existence when going for job hunting. Leaving various skilled workers jobless or in menial jobs.

During migration, it is mandatory for every individual to carry $10,000 with them and on average per year somewhere around 250,000 candidates get the chance to move to Canada. You can calculate from this every year Canadian economy is getting this much richer only by immigration and yet new immigrants are finding it difficult to get jobs.

Cost of living- is touching the sky and leaving many in shock

Cost of living which include everything from basic households needs to other materialistic need such internet or eating out etc. everything is becoming really costlier and an average person is compromising on his need due to this price rise. Buying a car is one story and buying insurance is different altogether.

Healthcare system- the shortage of practitioners making it hard to deliver healthcare to all

Considering low salaries as compared to the expenditure, many Canadian doctors left the country to start their practice in the US. On an average, if 1 doctor from the US comes to Canada then 19 doctors from Canada shift to the US according to the data given by the Canadian Medical Association. Hence the shortage of the doctors making it difficult to access optimum healthcare.

High taxation- have to pay the majority share of your earned money to the government  

Being in Canada get used to paying heavy taxes including GST, PST and many more out of your pocket. Paying taxes is good as in return we get well-constructed roads and benefits of healthcare. But in Canada along with that, your money paid to the government in the form of taxes goes to hockey watching and beer drinking clubs.

No culture- Canada of its own has no culture everything is derived from America

Every nation is known for its culture as it is the one thing that distinguishes it from other nation. But in the case of Canada, it doesn’t have its own culture but ever it has all is derived from America. Have you ever heard of Canadian food? Because it is not there, Canadians have American food.

Cold weather- freezing cold temperature restrict working sometimes

Weather played the prime role in deciding one country to migrate or in some case leave. Many of the Canadians have been seen leaving Canada because of this extremely cold temperature. In winters every province or territory is covered with snow, hailstorms are so unpredictable making life difficult.

Jobs- lack of Canadian experience leaves many of the highly qualified immigrants jobless

How one can expect from a new immigrant to have Canadian experience? Most of the rejection immigrants face is because they don’t have Canadian experience and leaving no option with immigrants but to do menial jobs like cab driving, delivery boy, at petrol stations. Even the immigrants graduated from the Canadian universities sometimes find it difficult to get jobs.


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