Denmark comes with a new law for the Immigrant ‘Ghettos’- seems to be harsh

Now in Denmark when any immigrant lady gives birth to a child and she belongs to the low-income neighborhood popularly known as ‘Ghetto’ she and her child will come under the new law formed by the Danish government. Immigrants who live in a low-income neighborhood with a majority of Muslim population are known as Ghettos. To incorporate Danish values- Denmark comes with a new law for the Immigrant ‘Ghettos’- seems to be harsh.

Denmark comes with a new law for the Immigrant ‘Ghettos’- seems to be harsh
Denmark comes with a new law for the Immigrant ‘Ghettos’- seems to be harsh

Why is the rule for Immigrant Ghettos seemed to be harsh?

As per the rule, as the ghetto children turn 1, Danish lessons will start and he has to stay away from his family for 25 hours in a week that too with nap time excluding. Danish lesson will include an understanding of the Danish culture, importance of Christmas and Easter, Danish language classes. Failure in doing so the immigrants will not get welfare payments and other services.

Law is more or less a political issue to single out the immigrants in Denmark

It has become a political issue and parties are tending to take benefits of votes out of it. In a speech, Prime minister called the ghettos as a threat on the streets as they are violent. Many of the proposals that make their way rejected by the minister of justice- Soren Pape Poulsen as the proposal either have singled out the Muslims or are too stringent and punishment-oriented that they are nowhere near the agenda of the welfare of the state.

Social democrats and people in the ghetto neighborhood have shown their resentment

A social democrat Yildiz Akdogan laments on who Danish people and government in their anger completely forget or they have completely ignored the association of the word Ghetto to the European period which is not so good.

Many of the Danish ghettos who have been tired of this have said if they were so rich and could afford they would have moved long before all of this. Expressing their incompetency said they get tired of satisfying the government, maybe they want it from the very start but now they have done this openly.

A mother to be Rokhaia, express her anger that nobody has right to decide for my daughter, I would rather happy to shun all of the benefits. She further added that children are so much into Danish culture they barely know their mother tongue which makes their communication with their grandparents to minimal.

Some miles away there is a gush of joy over the law

Anette Jacobsen a retired assistant said they invest their half of income in the welfare system of Denmark thinking it will benefit their children education and healthcare, in fact, it did but why we give the money so that some outsider can enjoy the benefits. She further added that their culture is not in match with us, we are so advance of them.

Political parties taking advantage of the situation and shifting their interest from the welfare of the state-

Out of the total 5.7 million people in Denmark, 87% are Danish citizen and rest are immigrants. Danish people party attracted voters just by calculation how much Danish government spends on immigrants and their families. Whereas the other party Social Democrat Party is emphasizing on the measures to be taken for the welfare of the state.

Ending lines-

Critics on their part will consider this law as authoritarian and nobody except the family has right to decide what is best for their children. Supporters of this law will say if they are spending money they have full right to get a return of equal amount, will not share with anybody else.

But the point here is the law is set for the particular set of people which will keep them forever in minority class. The children will not get chance to come out and do better for their future. In long term, if you are not creating a society for them then they are obliged to create one for themselves.


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