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Your road towards Canadian Citizenship – What are the permanent residency programs?

Canada is one of the developed countries that offers a high standard of living. Canada has also been considered a melting pot of different cultures and languages which makes living here a great life experience. That is why the Canadian citizenship is one of the most coveted ones on the planet.

The Canadian passport is one of the most powerful ones in the world when it comes to ease of travel. Thus, many people try to gain Canadian citizenship. And to their advantage, the Canadian government has also started different programs to boost immigration in desired fields. Thus, if you are wondering about how to become a Canadian citizen or permanent citizen, read on to find more.


Your road towards Canadian Citizenship - What are the permanent residency programs?
Your road towards Canadian Citizenship – What are the permanent residency programs?

The Usual Route for Immigrating to Canada: Permanent Residency

For foreign nationals, the path to Citizenship goes through permanent residency programs first. Under these programs, your permanent resident status allows you to apply for Canadian citizenship later. But that relies on the fact that there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled. The permanent resident program takes into consideration the applicant’s education level, skill, work experience, job offers and many other factors before they are approved for a Permanent residency program.

There are more than fifty permanent residency programs that cover a wide array of cases related to Immigration. When classifying them based on a broader category, the permanent residency programs can be divided into five different types which are:

  1. Skilled Worker Programs: Under these programs, the categories that the applicants are required to fulfil are based on their education, age, work experience and other related factors. Distinguished Individuals with a specified skill set are generally preferred.
  2. Family Class Sponsorship: If you have any close relatives living in Canada, you may classify for this program. Under this, your relatives can sponsor your immigration application for moving to Canada.
  3. Business and Investment based program: This program applies to people with a significant amount of wealth and the will to invest in the Canadian economy. The net worth and the business experience are the qualifications that are looked at.
  4. Experience Class programs: Under this, students, academics and skilled professional who have worked in Canada before are encouraged to become permanent residents.
  5. Provincial Nomine program: The provinces of Canada can sponsor an Individuals who are interested in settling in a particular area of Canada.

Problems with traditional applications for Immigrating to Canada

The traditional route to permanent residency and citizenship is long and tedious. The paperwork required should be filed correctly. Even a small mistake may put your application status in jeopardy. And after everything, the process could take years to finalize. These are only some of the problems related to the traditional programs of residency and citizenship.

The Family Route to Canadian Citizenship

Many people are unaware that based on your birth country or your parents, you could also qualify for a citizenship. If one of your parents are Canadian citizens, you could also qualify for the same.

It should be kept in mind that very few applications are granted based on family heritage. The applications are scrutinized strictly. Thus, get the help of a consultant to avoid mistakes.


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