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Preparing yourself for G1 License

The importance of having a driver’s license cannot be over emphasized. There are number of restrictions in getting a driving license in Canada and one has to be prepared to complete the road tests, pass vision test and have sound knowledge of road rules and traffic signs.

The G1 Driving License

Moreover, the requirements and rules of getting the driving license vary from province to province. Most provinces require passing of theory test first that would test your understanding of the road rules and traffic signs followed by passing of vision test and road test. After clearing the same, you would be eligible for G1 driving license test which makes you eligible to drive a vehicle accompanied by fully licensed driver having minimum of four years of experience sitting in the passenger seat.

Knowledge test that helps you Prepare for G1 License

Preparing for the test can be really simple. Though you can appear for the test as many times as you may like, but there is additional fee applicable per such additional test. That makes it all the more necessary to clear the test in as minimum number of attempts as possible, and therefore, preferably in first attempt.

All this is not difficult as it may seem.  To master the road test rules and to practise the est, you may buy G1 license package for knowledge test. The test has 30 multiple-choice test questions and is available in 25 different languages other than English.

The resource also provides you step by step by step instructions to understand the complete testing system, helps you chose the location nearest to your location and other relevant information as you may need

What if the language you choose for test is not in the list?

If your chosen language is not in the list, there is no reason for worry. You can hire an interpreter at some additional cost.

Book test Date in Advance

Booking of test date in advance would help you stay focused, motivate to study and prepare yourself to clear the test

Booking of the knowledge test is simple. It can be booked online by making the requisite payment through credit or debit card. One can always make changes or reschedule of even cancel the test once booked. You can choose your preferred location for the test. However, if you cancel the test for more than three times, you may have to go to local test centre to remove the blocks in your system.

Requisites to book the test

The requirements to book the test are simple. All you need is a valid e-mail address; a valid driver’s license number and expiration date; and a valid debit or credit card. Your learner’s permit should be 8 months or older. Please do ensure that your MTO submits the training results in the system before you apply for the test




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