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U.S. or Canada: Which Country Is Best to Call Home?

Both the countries are complete in their own way. But some of the factors make Canada more livable than USA or vice-versa. In the fight to show supremism countries find it difficult to accept what other countries have better to offer. Any country can dominate the other country on various factors- economy, healthcare, job salaries, additional benefits to name few. Let consider these factor to decide- U.S. or Canada: Which Country Is Best to Call Home?

U.S. or Canada: Which Country Is Best to Call Home?
U.S. or Canada: Which Country Is Best to Call Home?

Healthcare – US make the lead in this as it spends most on the healthcare system- Immigrants find it easier in USA

Most important factor for a country is the well-being of its citizens. USA and Canada are two of the countries who are doing good in maintaining the health of its citizen by opting various healthcare programs. According to the 2016 National Health Expenditure data by OECD, the United States has seen at the top of the list by spending most on health care. Ranked 1 by spending $10,348 per capita. On the other hand, Canada ranked 8 by spending $4752 per capita. American contribution is 17% of their GDP towards healthcare whereas Canadian spends only 11% of their GDP.

Cost of Universities- studying in the USA can dig a hole in your pocket

Education cost is yet another factor in deciding which country is better. But the cost of education can be ignored if the quality of the education and jobs after completing the course is ensured. Many students are left in debt when it comes down to repay the loan they have taken for education.

In-spite of scholarships and funding studying in America is very much expensive. An average fee of a bachelor’s degree in a public college of the USA is USD 40,000. If you want to have education in colleges like Harvard then you have to spend heavens on it.

In Canada, average fees of a bachelor’s degree range from-CAD 8000 TO CAD 26,000. These costs are nothing near to the cost of the universities in the USA.

Average Salaries- more or less are same in USA or Canada

After education, work comes into the light. After getting expensive education one will start looking for the job for the return on whatever he spent. If average salaries are being compared for both countries, they are more or less same. After deduction of all the taxes, a Canadian earn around CAD $3,000 per months whereas a U.S. citizen earns CAD $ 2,942.

Cost of living- remarkably less in the U.S.A. over Canada

Unlike salaries of both the countries, Cost of living is altogether a different story. Canadian as discussed above earn more than an American but in terms of expenditure, Canada is way ahead of the USA.

For example, if we see consider house rents of both the countries, monthly rent for a condo in Canada is approximately CAD $907 and in America, it is CAD $878. The difference is not much but if we see it in the bigger picture, in the span of 1 year the difference comes out to be CAD $350 and this is only on housing. Other expenditure like on food, clothing, etc. all are expensive in Canada.

Public safety- the U.S. is more violent as compared to Canada

Broadly speaking violent crime rate in America is much higher than in Canada whereas Non-violent crime rates are merely same in both countries. Violent crimes like murders are more likely to happen in Detroit than in Toronto.

Additional Benefits
Becoming a mother is a whole new journey for a girl and how this journey goes is somewhere depend upon the facilities that are taken care by the government of the country. Let’s see how well of the two countries support a mother to be?

Canada allows new mothers around minimum f 17 weeks and a maximum of 52 weeks of paid holidays. Canada too offers many other benefits like during period an employer ( mother or father) can claim Employment Insurance for 15 weeks which is approx.. 55%of weekly earnings.

The United States do have Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)but it doesn’t have any provision as maternity leave. It allows a mother to have 12 weeks of unpaid holidays that too in case of extreme sickness or birth of a child.
but some of the states such as California and New Jersey allows the mothers to be to have paid holidays under their disability insurance, but this choice is totally on the state and the company in which a mother to be is working. Because many companies which have employees less than 50 doesn’t come under FMLA.


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