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Québec Solidaire reveals a plan that will promote immigrants inclusion.

Québec Solidaire a ruling political party has revealed an integration of immigrants program just before the provincial elections that are ought to be held in October first week. This integration program for immigrants as claimed by the spokesperson of the party- Manon Massé – is a program that would work as a hub of information for the new-comers immigrants. Stay tuned to know more about the topic-Québec Solidaire reveals a plan that will promote immigrants inclusion.

Québec Solidaire reveals a plan that will promote immigrants inclusion.
Québec Solidaire reveals a plan that will promote immigrants inclusion.

What the program holds for the immigrants

By providing information regarding job opportunities in the province to the French languages classes, everything will be set up under one roof. The motive is to create a chain of an information network in every possible region of the province, that will deal with all the complaints and inquiries of the immigrants. These channels will be called as Carrefours d’acceuil en immigration. The immigrants who get their education outside of Canada, equivalent degree or diploma recognition will also be provided for the immigrant so that it can start looking for the job best suited its credentials.

Manon Massé, he further talked and said immigrants in Quebec total up-to 18% of the workforce so the ruling party under this program will make sure that in public sector of the total numbers of employees 25% will be from ethnic and minority classes.

A study found out that Quebec immigrants are either unemployed or overqualified for a job-forcing them to leave Quebec  

If the immigrants are left as unemployed or will find themselves a job that is below their credentials, they will definitely look outside for the job that will leave a negative impact on the economy of the Quebec province.

To boost the morale and to acclimatize better in the culture, the ruling party is also planning to fund for the French classes as 30%of the Canadians speak French.

Massé added that immigrants need basic guidance regarding job opportunities, healthcare, good housing locality etc. when they came to the country. At a small scale program according to the location of the area in you live have set different information setups.

Political fight behind this Immigration plan-

As we mentioned earlier Québec Solidaire released this program just before the provincial elections. Every party has made immigration as the key agenda of their political drive.

Last month, Jean-François Lisée opposition party leader- took the stage to propose his party’s immigration plan. Opposition party promised to speed up the process of jobs that are lined up for months. He further said they will provide the programs for the French language even before they come to the province.

After the Québec Solidaire’s immigration plan, he claimed that many of the agendas are similar to his party’s claim. He said that his party is appealing to the liberal government of Philippe Couillard for better integration of the immigrants in the public sector for the past 18 months.

What is in 2018 budget to improve integration of the immigrants in the province

The budget presented by the government of Couillard in March- he said the labor market including immigrants has the chance of improvement.  The employment rate of the immigrants is far lower than the natives of the province. For the immigrants who are staying in the province for the past 10 years, the employment rate is 81.9% as compared to the native employment rate which is 86.2%. The employment rate is very poor for the immigrants who are new or are staying in the province for less than five years.

The political stance of Coalition Avenir Québec- leading party in recent opinion polls-

The Coalition Avenir Québec, claimed 3 years are enough to incorporate province work culture or values and to learn the French language. After 3 years, if the immigrant still fails to do so and fails the language test, he or she will be made under the attention of immigration authorities.


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