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Migrating to Canada- Know about the Provincial Nominee Program

Not only Canada but its many provinces are also famous among the migrants who are willing to migrate to Canada. Owing to the provincial nominee program, immigration becomes easy for skilled immigrants. Provincial programs are made especially to make and support the economy of that province. As if more immigrant come to that province then there will more of manpower they can utilize to sustain the economy. So if you are thinking of Migrating to Canada- Know about the Provincial Nominee Program.

Migrating to Canada- Know about the Provincial Nominee Program
Migrating to Canada- Know about the Provincial Nominee Program

Let us Understand What is the Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is governed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada. The main motive of the program is to make the economy of that province stronger by letting skilled worker that adds up to the manpower. This program includes different provinces and territories and each province and territory have a different set of requirements.

Provinces & Territories that Participate in the Provincial Nominee Program

Not all the provinces and territories participate in this program. Following is the list of the provinces and territories that do participate in the program

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

What is required for the Provincial Nominee Program-

Except for some common requirements each province and territory has a different requirement as we said earlier.

Basic credentials that are considered for the nomination

Language proficiency, work experience, skill set, ability to acclimatize and in favor of transfers are the basic credentials that every province and territory is looking for in a candidate.

Family relations of an applicant in province or territory

If applicant’s family is in any of the province and territory then it would be an icing on the cake. That will show your intention of staying in the province permanently and your skills will contribute to the economy of the province and territory. The ties to show for example are family ties, previous work done in any of the province and number of visits to a particular province or territory.

Application Process for the Provincial Nominee Program

  1. Apply for nomination to the Province/Territory

Before applying for the nomination fir look for the details and requirements for all the provinces listed above. Apart from some common requirements as discussed above every province has a different set of requirements. Go through the requirements and compare which province or territory suits you best. After reviewing file the application for the nomination. An applicant’s file is reviewed on the following grounds-

  • Manpower requirement in the province or territory.
  • Applicant’s intentions of staying in the province or territory.

Applying through Express Entry System

If an applicant doesn’t have a nomination but have shown his interest in a province or territory when applying through the Express Entry system, then after contacting the federal agency and confirmed that an applicant fulfills all the requirements, a province or territory request an applicant to file an application for the nomination for the province or territory.

Another case could be that an applicant already has a nomination in his hands and he is applying through Express Entry System, then he has to mention his interested province in Express Entry Application. Process time in this short as the filling of nomination is not required.

  1. Apply for Permanent Residency

After getting nominated by a province or territory, the next step is to apply for Canada’s permanent residency to enjoy full benefits being provided by the country. This could be done as per the normal procedure through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) interface. The procedure from now onward will work as per the Canadian immigration law. You will get your invitation for permanent residency online if you have applied through Express Entry System. Meanwhile, an applicant would be asked for the medical examination and police verification to be done.

Provincial Nominee Program in Conjugation with Express Entry System

When an applicant is selected for the nomination through Express Entry System then it is named as an Enhanced nomination. Applicants can apply in both ways to get the benefits that it an applicant can apply first for nomination and then for Express Entry or vice versa.

Benefits of the Conjugation of the two systems

  • When an applicant is selected by the Provincial Nomination Program through Express Entry System then automatically 600 points added to that applicant’s application increasing his skill score.
  • In addition to it, the addition of points leads to an invite for the permanent residency.


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