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To what extent is racism still a problem in Australia?

Racism or discrimination is domination of one group on another. Racism is a result of that imbalance. Australia does have its imbalances but anti-discrimination legislation is enforced which is making this country available for the immigrants but with some loopholes in it. We will have a look to what extent is racism still a problem in Australia?

To what extent is racism still a problem in Australia?
To what extent is racism still a problem in Australia?

In 1975 Australia signed Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and implemented it through the Race Discrimination Act 1975. Progress is made but there are challenges still to tackle. Indigenous people and people from migrant and refugee communities are still the targets of racial discrimination. Property damage and physical attack are some examples of discrimination that are making it harder for migrants to settle, and their trust in government is fading. Racism and discrimination have been used to spread fear or hatred of others.

Immigrants Children often complain of bullying in Australian Schools

School students minds are hugely impacted by discrimination. Their constant denial of not going to school, always have the fear of being bullied by other, verbal and physical abuse are some impacts. These impacts affect their study and work and then we can’t think of a better future.

Australia now is a multicultural country having half of his population born overseas. Racial discrimination is a big hurdle in making a better society, as it impacts all Australian included. It creates a society in which nobody has trust on each other.

Despite high ethnic mix, there is divide in Australian Society at the heart

A survey by Monash University has some different revelation, they found out 19 percent of third-generation citizens are against ethnic mix but at the same time, another 18 percent of the third-generation citizen is in favor of ethnic mix. This highlights nothing but the divide at the heart of the community.

All Aussies are not racist. But this is a challenge for all of us. We all share a common humanity, and we have to respect the right of all equally and with dignity. We together can protect the human rights of every individual. Say no to racism.



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