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Heights of ICE Cruelty with undocumented immigrants in USA

What sort of act can the U.S. immigration authorities justify when they separated a Congolese mother and six-year-old daughter who had come to the United States last November seeking asylum. The cruelty of taking daughter 2,000 miles away from her mother to a shelter for “unaccompanied” minors in Chicago, after four days in detention, by the authorities without explanation was a shameless act.Heights of ICE Cruelty by U.S. immigration can be well understand.

Heights of ICE Cruelty with undocumented immigrants in USA
Heights of ICE Cruelty with undocumented immigrants in USA

 The painless separation where the daughter has been in a government-contracted shelter for the past four months, and cold talks to her mother only a handful of times. 

 With no guilty and no realization of rectifying the cruel deed, authorities in a rude response to the pressure from an ACLU lawsuit, released Ms. L, giving her only a few hours notice before sending her into the detention centre parking lot with a plastic bag containing her few belongings and nowhere to go.

Heights of ICE Cruelty

 Claiming the separation as a mistake is in no means acceptable, in view of the announcement from the Trump administration that it was considering a plan to separate parents from their children when families came here seeking asylum or other relief.

The incident proves the intention of giving such plan a shape by ICE.

 As per the ACLU view there are many more such cases of separation. It is time for a big action for the big cause and so ACLU has filed a nationwide class-action lawsuit on behalf of the estimated hundreds of other families that have been torn apart by ICE. It is an appreciable work.

 What can be expected when asylum lawyers who represent people in immigration detention as well as groups that contract with the government to provide services have also reported numerous cases of children being separated from their parents.  

The authorities who should be serving for the good with justified acts is giving birth to such painless acts is nothing but adherence to boundless cruelty slashing country’s ethical value.

Another incident to highlight is of Ms. C., a Brazilian and her 14-year-old son, J. who entered the United States in Texas last August seeking asylum, when the authorities convicted her of a misdemeanour for entering the country illegally and put behind the bars.

And the pain thrashing humanity continued when her son was transferred to custody of the Office of Refugee Services, which is charged with caring for “unaccompanied” immigrant minors, was flown across the country to Chicago.

  Imagine the pain these parents and their children have been going through and the mental trauma they encountered. The sufferings don’t end here. The separated parents and children are having a difficult time and have lost the time of life that no apology could reimburse.  

All mothers out there can understand the hard time where these helpless mothers are left with nothing but a wait for the time when things will be normal.

Why these human hearts don’t understand that children detained all by themselves and heartbroken parents need help and justice?

No reasonable justification, on part of the government proves the shameful act of cruelty killing the hopes and aspirations that humanity can be expected from America.



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