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Important Things That You Must Learn about Canadian Immigration

Canada is a state which is known to be quite liberal in accepting migration of people from different parts of the world. Though immigration process is easier than other states, legal formalities have to be followed with precision. Mistakes in following steps for attaining permanent or temporary residence permit may lead to cancellation or disqualification of the permit. So, fact-checking is required before applying for the permanent or temporary residence permit.

Important Things That You Must Learn about Canadian Immigration
Important Things That You Must Learn about Canadian Immigration

Inland and Outland Spousal Sponsorship

Spousal sponsorship is the easiest way of becoming permanent Canadian resident or citizen. Someone, who has married a Canadian citizen, can enjoy the privilege to become a permanent resident in Canada through an easy or hassle-free process. The process of approval of permanent residence permit is faster than other methods. It grossly takes around 8 months to 1 year. Spousal sponsorship can be categorized into two types. The first type is known as inland and the other type is called as Outland.

Express Entry Score- now much simpler way to Immigrate

According to trends of Canadian immigration rule, it has been noted that amount of invitations that are sent out is getting higher. On the other hand, amount of points required has been becoming lower. As a result, applying for a permanent or temporary residence permit in Canada has turned simpler. It is a great opportunity to migrate to this country, as regulations have become simpler.

Studying in Canada- easy simple way to settle in Canada

If you want to pursue a special course or a degree course in Canada, you shall get a temporary residence permit along with work permit quite easily. You can stay in Canada while enjoying your studies. At the same time, you can work in this country to earn money for basic living. For students, the process for applying for a temporary residence permit is simple and less time-consuming.

Having Job Offer- A quick and Sure-shot way to Immigrate

Having a job offer from recognized sector or company will fetch you Canadian citizenship easily. Of course, you would not receive permanent residence permit at the beginning. You shall get temporary permit initially. Thereafter, you have to apply for obtaining a permanent residence permit.

Unpaid Work Experience Does Not Help in Canadian Immigration

If you are applying for a residence permit under Federal Skilled Worker program, your unpaid work experience would not be counted. Having work experience is important in this case for swift as well as seamless approval of work permit along with temporary residence permit. Later, one can always apply for permanent residence permit. Thereafter, you can arrange permits for your spouse or other family members if you wish.


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