How to Get Temporary Residence Permit in Germany?

Moving to Germany is an exciting thing, as this country is poised with wonderful opportunities in different sectors, including tourism, healthcare, education and many more. People seek to visit this country for various reasons. Generally, a large number of people migrate to this country for professional reasons. In order to find job opportunities or working opportunities, they seek migration to this country. Student seek residency to Germany for their educational purposes. On the other hand, people want to move to this country for specialized surgeries or treatment services. Reasons are different for different individuals, though process of seeking temporary residency is similar for everyone.

Application for Limited Period Residence Permit in Germany
Application for Limited Period Residence Permit in Germany

About German Residence Permit- Apply if you want to stay for more than 90 Days

People who want to move to Germany for tourism purposes can get permission for staying in this country for 90 days, as per immigration rules of the nation. If you want to stay beyond 30 days, you need to apply for residence permit. Anyone can attain residence permit, displaying valid reasons for moving to this country. Except a few countries that are members of European Union, people from all other countries would get maximum 90 days permit to stay in Germany, if you are looking for temporary residency. If you want to dwell more than 90 days in this country, you should apply for residence permit.

Temporary Residence Permit in Germany

Also termed as limited residence permit, temporary residence permit is a special residence permit that has been granted on special provisions by immigration department of Germany. A lot of people are there who want to move to this country for working purposes or other reasons. They may need to stay more than 90 days, though they do not want to apply for permanent residence here as they want to stay for limited period. Students who want to join for short term course at German Universities may apply for such permits. People, seeking treatments or healthcare services, may also require such permits.

Application for Limited Period Residence Permit in Germany

In order to apply for limited period residence permit, you need to collect form from immigration centre of Germany. One can get such form easily at the website of immigration department of Germany. The form has to be filled up properly. Along with it, application letter has to be crafted, showing up valid reason for seeking temporary residence in Germany. To enhance gravity of application, you need to attach all necessary documents. Remember that temporary residence permit is the first type of permit that foreign nations get when seeking to migrate to this country.


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