What Is the Process to Obtain a Temporary Residence Permit in Canada?

If you want to enter Canada due to professional purpose or other reasons, your criminal record may become a barrier to obtain a visa for entering this country. On the basis of criminal concerns, Canadian immigration law terms such persons as “inadmissible”. However, there is a way of bypassing such inadmissibility to Canada. The solution is to apply for temporary residence permit. Any person, having criminal records or backgrounds, can enter this country through Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). From students to tourists, anyone can apply for such permit. The process is quite simple as well.

Brief on Temporary Residence Permit

Before you go for the process to obtain a temporary residence permit, you need to have clear idea on this. This is a government permit which is issued for a foreign national who wants to migrate to Canada for the purpose of traveling, studying, working and many more. It has been provided for a set period of time. However, it can be renewed with fresh application, when time for permission for temporary residence is over. Generally, people having criminal records or backgrounds can apply for such permits. Such people cannot get visa to enter Canada. But, this is one of the ways to come to this country, despite having criminal background.

Getting Temporary Residence Permit

The process to obtain temporary residence permit in Canada is simple. You can make an application by visiting Canadian Visa office of your country. The application should stress on the following things:
• The person has strong reasons to visit Canada.
• The reasons for person’s visit to this country will not pose any security threats for Canadians.
To make application easily approved, it is crucial to have reference letter from any well known authority. Present employer of the person can provide such letters. Any government official can also make such recommendations.
Apart from this, it is important to provide clear explanation of reasons for entering Canada. If you are seeking temporary residence permit for professional reasons, you should provide detailed information on your present job. You should explain why is it important for you to travel to Canada for working purposes. To validate your claims, you must provide all essential attachments.
If you have criminal records against, nature of criminal record will also play crucial role in approval of application. A person, who was indulged in heinous crime and suffered jail terms, would not get approval easily. If there are more than one criminal record, getting a permit would be difficult as well. Ideally, persons who have criminal offence record for only one time and had not undergone jail term are easily issues temporary residence permit in Canada.

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