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How Can You Get Temporary Residence Permit in Armenia?

We all want stability in life, but only a few people actually achieve that. Due to professional reasons or studying purposes, migrating from one country to another is a common thing. Migration process gets seamless when you have proper documentation and good background. People who were involved in criminal activities in past may face a lot of trouble to migrate to a new country like Armenia where a lot of restrictions can be found on immigration. Apart from good background and proper documents, you need to have proper idea on immigration process. For different countries, unique sets of rules or regulations are there.


Temporary Residence Permit in Armenia

If you are looking for moving to Armenia for working purposes or studying purposes or even other reasons, you should know the process of attain residence permit in this country. Two types of permits are given to foreign nationals. The first type is known as temporary residence permit and the second type is known as permanent residence permit. Now, getting this permit is not possible from embassies of Armenia in foreign nations. You need to visit this country in person to attain the permit. Hence, this process is surely different as well as a little daunting.

Application and Approval Time Frame for Temporary Residence Permit in Armenia

For application of residence permit, you need to visit immigration office in Armenia. There, you shall be provided forms which are required to be filled perfectly. Thereafter, you have to submit application form, attaching photocopy of all necessary documents which are asked to be provided with application form. Once this application is done, it would take around 30 days to get approval after verifying or scrutinizing your application details. Make sure that you enter all information to application form correctly in order to avoid hassles in application approval.

It is to be noted that you can also apply for permanent or temporary residence permit in Armenia without visiting physically to immigration office. In this case, you need to give power of attorney to a person or service provider. All necessary formalities shall be done by that person or service on your behalf.

Migrating to Armenia with Family Members

Individuals can apply jointly with family members to get temporary or permanent residence permit. However, it is suggested that principal applicant should apply first and settle to the country. Thereafter, permits can be done for family members. In that case, it would be easier to get approval for residence of permit for family members.



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