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How to Get Temporary Residency Permit in Russia?

At different stages of life, people have to take decision for migrating from one country to another country for many reasons. Finding jobs and completing higher studies are the commonest reasons. Apart from them, people have to move to a new country due to many other reasons. For example, you have married to a person who is a citizen of Russia. In such case, you would like to move to Russia with your partner to live together. The first stage of getting residence permit in Russia is obtaining temporary residence permit.

How to Get Temporary Residency Permit in Russia
How to Get Temporary Residency Permit in Russia

Basic Facts on Temporary Residence Permit in Russia

You would require no quota for applying for temporary residence permit, when you as a foreign national marry a person who is living in Russia. Once temporary residence permit application is approved, you shall get a fixed term period of it. The maximum validity of such permit is for 3 years. Once this term is completed, this permit cannot be renewed. In that case, you need to move on to applying for permanent residence permit. Once applied for temporary residency permit, when you can expect for its approval? Generally, it would take around 6 months to get approved by the Federal Migration Service.

Application cannot be done online. You need to visit local office of the Federal Migration Service to attain your application form. This form has to be filled up properly and then you should submit it along with all required documents. Make sure information provided on the form are truthful and correct. Minimal error in application in verification phase can lead to turning down application.

Documents That You Require for applying Temporary Residence Permit in Canada

Applicant for temporary residence permit in Russia has to come up with a few documents. These documents must be authentic. They must also be submitted in proper way. A glimpse on the documents is provided below.

  • Passport sized photographs
  • Passport as identification document
  • Another identity document of your present country
  • Medical certificate confirming that person is not HIV infected
  • Medical certificates would also be required stating that the applicant is not suffering from critical diseases that could contaminate and cause potential health hazards
  • Documents should be there, confirming applicant’s knowledge on Russian language, basic history, cultural aspects, etc.

Make sure that these documents have been submitted with perfection. Any possible mistakes or errors in submitting document can lead to application termination. Application approval would take 6 months long time.



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