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Canada Government Extends the Open Work Permit Pilot for Common Law Partners and Sponsored Spouses

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has announced that the open work permit pilot program is extended up to January 31, 2019, for sponsored spouses or common-law partners, who apply for the permanent residence in Canada.

According to the IRCC update, the extension of open work permit under the SCLPC allows the applicants to work and support their families and contribute to the Canadian Economy as well while their applications are being processed.

Canada extends open work permit for Spouses
Canada extends open work permit for Spouses


What are the Prerequisites to Benefit from open work permit under the SCLPC?

In order to benefit from the extension of open work permit, the common law partners or spouses, who currently lives in Canada, should hold a temporary resident visa. They should be sponsored by the permanent residents or Canadian citizens. They need to hold a temporary visa as a student, visitor or worker and should live at the same address where the sponsor resides.

The open work permit pilot program, which was first introduced in the year 2014, is now extended for the 3rd time. It allows reuniting of the families. It is in accordance with the immigration priority of the Canada Government to allow reunification of the families. The families in Canada now live together and work together happily.

How to Get an Open Work Permit in Canada for Spouses?

The new applicants can apply for the open work permit under SCLPC together with an application for permanent residency in Canada. The applicants, who are awaiting the application for permanent residency to be processed, need to file a separate application for the work permit.

The IRCC has informed that individuals need to renew the work permit, which was received through the pilot program, before the expiry date.

Who is Eligible for Open Work Permit under SCLPC?

The spouse, parents, dependent children or common-law partners are eligible to apply for the open work permit in Canada. The skilled workers and professionals can apply for the permanent residency in Canada. The business owners with a higher net worth or individuals with a management experience are also eligible to apply for the open work permit.

The applicants can decide their eligibility for an open work permit by providing the details including name, telephone, email, I want my relative residing in Canada to sponsor me for the immigration, and specific questions if any at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.



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