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Inviting Family Members to Visit You in Canada? Make Sure They Have Proper Documents

It is likely that your spouse, children, parents or friends will visit you in Canada while you are studying there. If the family members intend to visit you after you have already arrived in Canada, they can enter with a visitor Visa to live with you for up to six months.

The visitors need to pass the medical examination well in advance and apply for a Visitor’s Visa. The visitors cannot avail the provincial insurance – MSP during their stay in British Virgin Columbia.

If your family members or friends intend to visit you in Canada and stay more than six months, they need to apply for an extended stay.

Apply for Electronic Travel Authorization or Temporary Resident Visa to Enter Canada

Your family members or friends need to apply either for an electronic travel authorization or temporary resident visa as necessitated based on your country. You can file the application for Visa at the same if they accompany at the same time.

If they come later, you need to send them your student permit copy, passport copy and Temporary Resident Visa copy for hassle-free entry in Canada without you.

Do Children Need to Apply for Student Permits while immigrating to Canada?

If one of the parents is already working in Canada, the children aged below 19 years can study in the primary, pre-school or secondary level without a student permit.

However, minor children from another nation intend to visit their parents in Canada either for study or work purpose, they need to apply for the student permit. If the minor children accompanying a family member have already got an approval for work or studies, they need not bring an acceptance letter from a school or university.

The parents need to provide an original date of birth certificate, immigration records and official school records of the children for two years in English language. However, the translated school records are accepted in Canada.

Do You Want to Extend the Stay of Your Family Members while in Canada?

Your family members including children and parents need to provide the valid documents of their own for an extended stay. It is necessary to file an application with valid documents before the expiry date of the temporary visa.

It is necessary that the passports are stamped at the time of entry into Canada. The visitors can stay in Canada for up to six months with an undated Customs Stamp.


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