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How Irish people get to benefit from the Canadian Working Visa Program?

Thousands of Irish people are set to benefit from the Canadian Working Visa Program, which is open for 2018. Around 10,700 Irish candidates and 7000 citizens from the U.K. have benefitted from the Working Visa Program of Canada last year. The citizens of Australia have also garnered a large chunk of Visas last year.

Thousands of Irish people are set to benefit from the Canadian Working Visa Program

The Working Visa Program allows Irish people to work in Canada from one year to two years. The candidates in the age group of 18 and 35 years are eligible to apply for this Working Visa Program. The candidates from all the pools such as International Co-Op and Young Professionals can start creating the profiles for this working visa program.

The candidates from 33 Nations worldwide taking part in Canada’s International Experience are allowed to apply for this Working Visa Program. The fee for the Canada’s International Experience increases to C$150 from the current C$120 for the 2018 program.

The Working Visa Permit was issued to the candidates on the first come, first serve basis until the year 2015. The rules were amended and candidates allowed creating their profiles at leisure and the applications are selected on a random basis from the year 2016. The same rules are applicable to the 2018 program as well.

Therefore, Young Professionals, International Co-Op, and other candidates from 33 countries across the world seeking Working Visa Permits need to follow the same rules for 2018 as well. The candidates need to create the profiles and find a place in the list of a pool of prospective candidates.

The immigration authorities will send an invitation for the interview for talented candidates from the pool of prospective candidates at regular intervals. Therefore, the candidates need to wait for their turn after creating their profiles.

The immigration authorities have not yet released the dates for the interview for the first round. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) will issue a 5-day notice before closing the category’s and countries final round of the invitations at the end of the season. The IRCC takes 8 weeks to process the applications received for the Working Visa Permit.

To Become a Candidate for the Working Visa Program:

  • The Candidates can determine their eligibility using the ‘Come to Canada Tool’
  • Create and submit an IEC profile and get listed in the pool of candidates
  • After receiving the invitation to apply, the candidates can apply for the work permit

How to Prepare and Submit an Application for the Canadian Working Visa?

The candidates should prepare the application, keep the relevant documents ready, pay the IEC Participation fee of C$150 and submit an application for the Working Permit.


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