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How Do Illegal Immigrants Survive in Canada? What work do they do?

The individuals, who enter Canada without the approval of the government, are called illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrants are not allowed to work legally. They cannot enroll in educational programs having a duration of more than six months.

Finding a work as an illegal immigrant in Canada is very difficult. The employers are reluctant to offer a job since they cannot account the amount paid to you to claim a tax. They find jobs in the construction sector, nightclubs, and restaurants etc.

What Sort of jobs illegal immigrants in Canada have to do?

Illegal immigrants in Canada can find cash-paying jobs in clubs, construction sector, and restaurants. It is one of the ways for the survival of Illegal immigrants.  You can also work as a replacement for the employee and get paid. You will be working with the social insurance number of an employee, who stays at home. You will get some undocumented cash from the supervisor for the contributed work. However, the supervisor retains some of the amounts and pays only a part of the cash. The employee sitting at home will get an unemployment credit.

The businesses also fear to employ foreign nationals without a work permit because of high penalties or imprisonment for up to two years.

What Problems do Illegal Immigrants in Canada face?

llegal immigrants in Canada usually face difficulty in finding a shelter for comfortable living in a foreign land. The language barrier is another problem faced by the illegal immigrants in Canada. They land in trouble say from buying food to finding a best paying job.

You will have to pay for healthcare, and other services etc since the government do not provide assistance to the illegal immigrants. Surviving in adverse weather condition is another big problem for the illegal immigrants.

You will not be allowed to work legally in Canada without a work permit. It forces you to work illegally and feed your family.

The illegal immigrants are also tried for staying beyond the expiry date of work permit according to the IRPA Act, an illegal immigration act.

The convicted illegal immigrants, who are working in Canada without a valid work permit, are banned entry into the country for another one year.

They also face harassment from the employers and paid less despite putting in more work.

Do Illegal Immigrants ever Become Legal Citizens?

Individuals, who are illegally residing in Canada, can apply for a legal work permit or permanent residence. However, criminals and those posing a threat to Canada cannot apply for legal status.

Illegal immigrants need to approach the Canadian Visa office and fill in the necessary details and valid documents to get eligible for a legal work permit.



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