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Top five questions related to Canadian Immigration Answered

Immigration has always been a hot topic of discussion among general masses and the lawmakers that these masses elect. People often have polarizing opinions about this topic and has divided people for years. Recent stir in Immigration reforms has led to people questioning the Immigration policy of their homeland once more. Now more than ever, people are worried and asking questions. Therefore, here are five of the most popular questions related to Canadian Immigration and their answers.

Top five questions related to Canadian Immigration Answered
Top five questions related to Canadian Immigration Answered

1. Does Canadian Immigration lead to Increase in Criminal Activities?

People often argue it is unsafe to allow Immigrants from certain countries as they indulge in criminal activities. Those people will be surprised to hear that not only the Immigrants are less likely to indulge in such activities, they help in bringing the rate down a bit as well.

2. Immigrants vs. Refugees, are both similar? How do they get in the country?

To answer the first part of the question, no they are not similar. Immigrants willfully decide to settle in a foreign land but a refugee is forced to do so because of conflicts, persecution fears or their sexual orientation. To get in the country, Immigrants have to apply for a visa in a Canadian visa post. For refugees seeking Asylum, the process can be a little exhausting.

3. Do Immigrants and Refugees have access to healthcare?

Yes, they get access to Canada’s healthcare system along with doctors, hospitals, emergency services, and special needs. The medical care is provided to the point when they stay in the country. This comes under the Interim Federal Health program.

4. Does crossing the border makes the Asylum process faster?

No, it does not. Because Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Department has two separate systems in place where the intake of migrants isn’t affected by people who willfully cross the border without a valid visa.

5. Is Immigration good for the economy?

The situation can be a mixed bag in the short term but in the long term, the immigrants hardly have any negative impact on the economy’s growth rate. In some cases, they have a positive effect.


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