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Global Skills Strategy: Employment Opportunities in Canada improve for immigrants

Canada is a great nation with well-developed infrastructure and an ever-growing industrial culture. Canada has always promoted ways to benefit the country and to bring in more investors to the nation.  The Global Skills Strategy initiative is another brilliant plan that has been introduced to benefit employers in Canada. This has opened up new dimensions for skilled labor and professionals across the entire country of Canada and anyone meeting the criteria can apply for the program. Furthermore, here are some ways via which you can find Employment Opportunities in Canada under the Global Skills Strategy.

Global Skills Strategy makes job hunting in Canada easier for Immigrants in Canada

The benefits of the program are centered on some central themes that project the terms and conditions of the program which are mentioned below.

Faster Visa Processing for work permits for Immigrants in Canada

The Immigration process can be time consuming and exhausting, especially when concerned with matters of work permits. To simplify that process, the IRCC or the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada have offered simplified and quicker processing times for certain cases of work visa with applications being processed as quick as two weeks. Provided there are certain caveats attached to this conditions which are:

  • Being exempt from requiring an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment).
  • Applying from a foreign Canadian embassy under specified skill categories.
  • Paying the compliance fees and providing evidence of application from a foreign embassy.

Visa Exemption for special categories of Skilled Professionals Immigrating to Canada

Under this condition, skilled professionals whose job category lies under the specified NOC classification categories (Type 0 or level A) are exempted from obtaining a work permit provided their assignment duration is limited to a 15 continuous day or less period once every six months or 30 continuous days or less period every 12 months. This will simplify the immigration process for short-term employees.

It is also stipulated that foreign scientists or researchers can participate in a project for up to 120 days consecutively once every 12 months provided the invitation to participate is given by an affiliated and publicly-funded institution.

Dedicated Service Channels (DSC’s) for Companies to help them hire Immigrants

Dedicated Service Channels are there to help companies who have a vested financial interest in the country. They provide a dedicated dossier of services helps big employers simplify their immigration needs and assists them in hiring global talent.

Quicker and Facilitated LMIA’s- Making Immigration to Canada simpler 

LMIA’s are used to verify the need for a temporary worker and there are no Canadian Nationals available for the position. The IRCC has stated their intentions of bringing down the time requirements to below two weeks for highly skilled foreign nationals who are experts in the fields with a shortage of workers.

There has also been an introduction of a Global Talent Stream which helps employers hire sought-after talent from two categories:

  • Category A: Being referred to the Stream by an affiliated partner.
  • Category B: To hire expert foreign nationals for jobs listed on global talents occupation list.

Global Skills Strategy is a great initiative which is certain to benefit employers and skilled foreign nationals alike. Improved mobility of talent helps the companies to grown and stimulates the economy as well.


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