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Planning to settling down in Canada? Let’s take a look on the housing policies in Canada

.Moving to an entirely new country can be a huge task for an individual or a family. People have different reasons for moving to Canada. And moving to a new country entails some basic requirements that you will have to figure out once you get there. One of the major requirements is finding a place to live. This is also dependent on where you plan to settle and what your fiscal condition is. In this post, we will discuss about settling down in Canada

There are various factors to be taken care of while settling down in Canada!

The bigger cities of Canada such as Vancouver and Ontario can be very expensive for a person to live in. In fact, these cities are the top two cities associated with the highest cost of living in Canada. But, by comparison to the rest of the world, they are still affordable.

There are some things you should take into consideration while settling down in Canada. Those are:

An Interim Home- As you Immigrate to Canada

After arriving in Canada, it is strongly recommended and required that you have a place to stay. Before you can figure out long-term plans, you might have to find a place to live until you figure out details or find a place to live. You can either live in Hotels, hostels or at houses of people you know such as family or friends. In case you go the Hotels or Hostels way, it is advised to book them significantly in advance. Doing that gives you two obvious benefits namely:

  1. You have more options as there are more vacancies. As a result, you can get confirmed bookings.
  2. Booking in advance can be very cost effective as well. Keep looking for deals online on popular websites.

Hotels and hostels come in all types of varieties depending on the services they provide and the subsequent price demanded. Look for all-inclusive deals wherever possible and always try to find a place with its own kitchen. This way, you can make your own meals and save up on expensive restaurants. Hostels generally have a communal kitchen and they are also a great way to meet new people and other immigrants like you.

Permanent Housing- an affordable and desirable option as you immigrate to Canada

After coming to Canada, you will have to look for long-term housing. You can either look for a rental property or buy a place if your budget allows it.

Now, in a rental property, you can look for either a single room or an entire apartment or house for yourself. Keep in mind the basic facts such as amenities or your commute to work while selecting a neighborhood to stay in.

For buying a house, there is a checklist on Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation that can prove very helpful in deciding and ensuring the right house according to your needs. It contains all the dos and don’ts that people should keep in mind while buying a house.

Things to remember

  • When figuring out hostels or hotels, be sure to look for reviews left by previous visitors. For more information, visit the Newcomers Canada web page.
  • Immigrant Serving Organizations help immigrants settle into a new life and provide assistance. Look for them in a place near you.
  • Sign a lease when you rent and look over the terms carefully before signing.


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