Leading online email validation system that eliminates deliverability issues

In today’s digital world, the importance of email communication cannot be over emphasised. It is the fastest and cheapest way to reach your audience.

However, what if the email fails to reach your customer? Not only it leads to wastage of money and hampers growth of business by failing to reach the audience, it damages the seller’s reputation.

Fortunately, ensuring faster delivery of emails that don’t land in spam folder is made easier by zerobounce.net. It helps you maintain the email reputation by keeping an eye on open rate, bounce rate and shares the feedback with you

Leading online email validation system that eliminates deliverability issues

How ZeroBounce helps improve your Email Validation service

Enhanced data validation service by Zerobounce improves your communication with the customer base by ensuring following-

  1. Verifying email- It validates whether the email address is good or not valid. Its state of the art technology is even able to validate email to catch all domains and reports bad email address which many other providers may feel to detect.
  2. Monitoring Abuse Accounts- This is very important service for any business planning to promote business using email communication. It is able to detect the accounts which subscribe to list and then after some time mark those messages as spam. It is also able to detect accounts that are listed in industry wide black lists so that your email does not land in such accounts
  3. Detect Temporary email accounts- It helps you detect temporary email accounts, support based email accounts, or toxic domains that are notorious for sending spam mails to help ensure that the campaign remain perfectly targeted
  4. Appending Data to your opt-in subscribers– This service can append other information to the opt in subscribers such as First and Last Name, Gender, Location , State , City, Zipcode where the email was registered

What Puts Zerobounce ahead of Others?

There are many similar products n the market offering similar services of email validation. However what makes it stay ahead of others is the extra information it appends to the email subscriber and the accuracy of it

It can also help you personalize the email and divide the email segment wise. The segmented data helps the email advertisers increase the effectiveness of the campaign and get better sales.

Keeps data safe and encrypted.
It never shares or sells the customer data. All customer data before uploading or after downloading in encrypted and deleted from system after the assignment.

Economical Email Validation Packages that don’t burn hole in your pocket- If you don’t have a long list of email subscribers, you need not worry. It offers data email validation service from US $10 per 5000 email validation and as the list of subscribers grows, it offers most economical packages that you cannot afford to miss


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