A Guide to Create a Canadian Style Resume, Increase your Chances of getting an alluring job

In case, you are looking for a job in Canada; then it is essential to create a resume in one of the Canadian formats as all these styles of resume share similar norms and criteria. But first, let us understand what Canadian style resumes are?

Canadian style resumes

Canadian style resumes are basically of two types:

  • Chronological Resume, and
  • Functional Resume

Chronological Résumé- that works best in Canada

These types of resumes are organized as per the time frame of the work experience for a particular position in your previous companies. These are the great option for people who have a good deal of experience.

In this resume, you need to create a list of your professional practices that start with the latest job first and then followed by previous job positions.

Functional Résumé- especially for Tech Industries in Canada

This type of CV is a skill-based resume and consists of skills categorized in categories that have been acquired from the previous jobs. These resumes are great for people who

  • have graduated recently
  • are planning to change their field
  • could not work in continuity for some personal or medical reason and have gap periods.

In this article today, we are going to share such standards that will help you create these Canadian style resumes easily. So here are the norms for the CV that works fine for Canadian employers.

  • Make it Brief and Concise

Most companies in Canada prefer a resume that is short and concise and not more than two pages. For people who do not have any experience can even reduce it to one page.


  • Modify the Resume for Every New Employment Opportunity

Most employment specialists suggest that it is important to customize your resume as per every job requirement and the position you are going to apply for. There is no value of a generic resume in today’s job market.

  • Use Important Formatting Tips

Your CV is the mirror of your professional front, qualifications and skill sets. It is necessary to create a resume that is well-formatted, precise, neat and organized as a good resume creates an enormous impact on the employer about your intellect.

For example, if the job you are applying for, needs the quality like “attention to details,” then you can easily impress the recruiter by incorporating this attribute by making a methodical resume that is meticulously designed.

  • Highlights of the Resume

Spotlighting all your qualifications and merits is crucial. Hence make headings to provide more refined and comprehensive information such as

  • Education
  • Qualifications, and
  • Professional Experience

You can also utilize various formatting tools such as bullets and bold so that crucial information can easily be put to the attention of the selector.

  • Emphasis on Keywords

While making a resume, one must include keywords as most of the recruiters do not read the entire resume. So, if you emphasize certain keywords that describe your qualifications and skill sets needed for the job, then it will catch the attention of the employer quickly.

  • Check for Accuracy

Once you have created a resume, it is critical to check it for spelling mistakes or other faults. The resume you are sending or using should be accurate and flawless.

These Canadian design of resume will not only help you improve the chances of being selected by the employers in the job interview but also get a call from the companies that use automated recruitments systems for short listing the candidates for the job interviews.