Stuck up the Poor Conduct of the Migration Agents by the Individuals Residing outside Australia

Having an issue with your immigration consultant and want to report the problem to the Authorities? Many people face lots of trouble with their migration agents either due to their unprofessional behavior or illegal conduct. In both the cases, most people are afraid to report the matter to the migration authorities because they believe that this might delay the processing of their application to endless rounds. However, we have come up with a guide to provide you the right information about the actions to be taken at this point where you get stuck up with Poor Conduct of the Migration Agents. Here are the solutions to all your worries.

Poor Conduct of the Migration Agents: Actions to follow

These migration agents can either be registered or unregistered with the Authorities, and we will tell you about how to go ahead with the process of making a complaint against your consultant.

In case of the Consultants who are Registered with Migration Registration Authorities

When you believe that the administration process of the migration agent is unlawful, then you can lodge a grievance with the local law enforcement department along with the migration office in your proximity.

Poor Conduct of the Migration Agents

And if you think that the agent is violating the Code of Conduct, you can report about him to the “Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.”

If Your Migration Consultant is an Unregistered Agent

In case you feel that your migration consultant’s activities are unlawful, then you can make a complaint against them with the local immigration office as well as law enforcement authority of your area.

Similarly, if the agent is behaving unprofessionally, then you should report the matter to your local Immigration office.

Filing a Complaint against the Former Migration Consultant

And if you want to complain against a former immigration agent who is not registered with the migration authorities presently, then you can only complain only if the migration authority receives it within the twelve months after his/ her registration lapsed.

If you fear that in case you make any complaint against the illegal activities of your migration agent you may face a delay in processing of your visa application. However, this is not the case. This would not impact the processing of your visa application. It will be processed individually. In fact, the officers in the migration department make sure that the confidentiality regarding any information you provide them is maintained.

Australian government ensures that you have a pleasant experience regarding migration formalities and in an event, you are facing any issue with your migration agent whether misbehavior or unlawful conduct, you can report the matter to the immigration department near your area.

Diksha Garg

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