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Ten Jobs that require no work permit in Canada

For working in any country, you require a work permit or work visa to be issued by the government of the country. Generally, the employer petitions the government on the employee’s behalf for a work permit to be granted. Now that process can be sometimes quick but sometimes long and tiresome. And also, there looms the fear of rejection of the applications as that opens up a whole another world of problems. But if you are looking for one of these jobs about to be mentioned here, you might need no work permit in Canada.

Get jobs that require no work permit in Canada


  1. On-campus job: Many students come to Canada for pursuing higher studies for undergraduate, postgraduate as well as doctoral based programs. To be able to afford the education in a foreign university alone is a tough task to accomplish. Students often work on campus jobs to get by. For full time students enrolled in a registered university, they do not need to obtain a work permit.
  2. Sports related job: Certain people belonging to the sports field do not require a work permit in Canada. If the person coming to country is an athlete or a coach here to compete in a tournament, they do not require a work visa. If the coach works for a Canadian team however, they are required to obtain a work permit.
  3. Public Speaker: People often come from other countries to speak at events or conventions organized by universities and institutions. Provided that such occurrence may not exceed five days, work permit is not required.
  4. Farm Work: Foreign nationals are allowed to work on certain farms without permits. One of them is, the farm be of non-commercial use and the work be voluntary. The person’s primary interest for coming to Canada shouldn’t be working on a farm but something else such as tourism.
  5. Performers and Artists: Foreign artists who come here to perform for a limited period of time are exempt from obtaining a work visa. People associated with the performance or vital to it are also exempt from the permit. But, Performers or artist shouldn’t be a part of a movie, TV program or a radio series.
  6. Crew Members: This is abroad term used to refer to workers working or operating foreign registered vehicles such as truck or bus drivers or the workers of the shipping and aviation industry such as cabin crew. Such kind of jobs do not require a work permit.
  7. Aviation Inspector: The job of a civil aviation inspector is to inspect and enforce safe flying standards for a passenger aircraft belonging to a commercial airline. They are exempt from the permit restrictions.
  8. Examiners and Evaluators:A person who’s an academic or a professor and you are coming to Canada for supervising proposals meant for research purposes, examines thesis of students as well as oversee academic projects is not required to obtain a work permit.
  9. Media personnel: People of the media and their respective crew are exempt from work permit requirements if they are here only to cover an event.
  10. Event Organizers: People who organize international conventions and events but do not provide hands on help at the events are exempt.


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