Latest Advertisement Specifications for Employment Sector in Canada Implications

Canadian companies who are planning to hire through TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program) will face the modifications in the recruitment requirements. This change is applicable from the end of August this year. Read in detail about how Latest Advertisement Specifications for Employment Sector in Canada would affect.

Latest Advertisement Specifications for Employment Sector in Canada

How Latest Advertisement Specifications for Employment Sector in Canada Affecting the Job Applications

Advertising Specifications of LMIA

With effect from August 28, this year, all the hiring companies in all the territories and provinces would need to post the job advertising on the Job Bank of Government of Canada. Agreeing with to this modification, the employers situated in the territory or province with a territorial or provincial job board will now need to operate through Canadian Government Job Bank.

Moreover, the companies are supposed to carry out two more procedures to carry on recruitment process that is compatible with the job vacancies they are trying to fill up. Employers situated in a particular territory or province registered with territorial or provincial job board can use their respective job boards as one of additional procedure for employment purpose.

Prerequisites of the Job Match Service

It has become necessary for recruiters to utilize the Job Match service while planning to advertise on the Canadian Job Bank. This service let the employers view the profiles of the anonymous applicants who are enlisted with the Job Bank. The resumes of these candidates match the job requirements and skill sets mentioned in the job posting of the recruiter. Every correspondent profile will be evaluated on the scale of 1-5 stars. If a particular job seeker gets the higher rating of these stars for a particular position, the probability for him is getting the job increases.

However, the occupations and recruiters in a particular field like IT or technical field who are eligible for the newly introduced GTS (Global Talent Stream), have been exempted from the mandatory LMIA advertising obligations.

Due to these changes that are beginning from August 2017, it would be essential for most employers to publicize the job positions through Canadian Job Bank and utilize the Job Match Service. These regulations will be implemented all across the country. For more information on LMIA advertising specifications, you can contact us anytime.


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