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Need to get a letter of invitation for applying Canada Visa – Follow this format !

When you are operating under a Canadian company and need to invite some overseas business visitors for purposes that may include, business investments, potential buyers, trade show or conference visitors, partners, employees, or any individuals who is coming for a training at your company, you need to have a valid letter of invitation for applying Canada Visa.

Format for getting or sending Invite to help apply for Canadian Visitor or Business Visa
Format for getting or sending Invite to help apply for Canadian Visitor or Business Visa

Letter of Invitation to Visit Canada helps in getting Visa for Canada but may not be construed as Entry permission for Canada

The visa of the visitor will be sanctioned based on the letter of invitation. However, getting an invitation must not be construed as a final assurance for a business visa. The visa will be finalized only after a thorough process where the visa officials scrutinize the letter of invitation to judge whether he/she is eligible to enter Canada or not.

Good Idea- The letter of Invitation be written by authorized Signatory, should be Notarized

It is advised that a representative of the Canadian company, who is issuing the invitation, must write the letter of invitation that will allow the invitee to get a Canadian business visa. There are many firms who have designated employees to write this letter. The company issuing the letter of invitation must provide with two original copies of the letter to the invitee, so that he/she can present one when applying for the visa and another while entering Canada. Many visa offices want this letter to be notarized; however, it varies from one country to another. So, it will be better to contact the visa office of the invitee’s country to make sure of the procedure. To process a visa may take a long time, so make sure that you leave enough time for the visa to get processed.

Essential Contents of Letter of Invitation to Canada to help apply Visa

The letter of invitation is an important document and it is essential that you follow these pointers when you write it. These are necessary information as they are proposed by the federal government of Canada. Failure to provide the appropriate information may result in the cancellation of the visa.

About the person being invited

  • Complete name
  • Date of birth, if known
  • The company represented and the person’s position
  • The invitees’ address and the telephone number/s
  • Your company’s relationship with the invitee and your business history together
  • Whether you know the visitor personally or if you are related
  • The purpose of the trip and if it is a long-term project then the context is necessary
  • The length of time the invitee is going to remain in Canada
  • The accommodation and other living expenses that your company will cover for the invitee
  • The date you invitee will leave Canada, if known.

Following information about the Company extending invitation would be helpful in letter of Invitation- 

  • Complete name of the company
  • The address of the headquarter
  • The address of the facilities of the company where the invitee is going to visit
  • A website address of the company, if it is available
  • The date on which the company was registered or incorporated
  • A short description detailing the type of business the company engages in.

About the person extending the invitation

  • Complete name
  • Job title and position in the company
  • Address and telephone number/s in Canada
  • Work email address.

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