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Travel to Canada – Top Must Visit Places in Canada

Canada is North American country with Arctic Circle in south and US in north. Major cities of Canada include Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec city, Montreal etc. Majority of its region has cold to very cold weather so if you want to beat the heat of India its time to visit this beautiful country and explore the beautiful weather, landscapes and scenes of this amazing country.  Canada is one of the hottest destinations for people of India especially among north Indian. You will easily find an Indian in Canada.  Find below some of the top Must Visit Places in Canada while travelling to Canada.

Must Visit Places in Canada- without which your Visit may be Incomplete

Vancouver –

One of the beautiful cities in World is must visit when you are looking t o travel Canada. For those who like Sports and adventures this is the city. You will find mountains, beaches and other cultural attractions like museum and old markets.

Canada Beaches are a great Place to Spend a Weekend
Canada Beaches are a great Place to Spend a Weekend

Toronto –

The city can be described as big with composed of Greektown, Little India and Koreatown. Transport in Toronto is very good to roam around various famous places of this city. You will find a lot of Indian population in this city. With the amount of different places you will see at this city you will feel like travelling to World.

Quebec City –

Although you may not afford a visit to Europe but I bet you can certainly afford a visit to this amazing city of Canada. You will find the charm of old building of 17 and 18 centuries. With streets fill with aromas of freshly bakes breads and espresso coffee in nice cold weather will surely attract you.

Montreal –

This we will call a modern city of Canada with tall skyscrapers along with old Montreal city buildings. You can enjoy the days and nights with world class shopping at day and parting at night.

Victoria and Vancouver Island –

While you will amaze with the French roots of Montreal and Quebec City but Victoria will give you pictures of British heritage. Many love to visit this city for tour of parliament.

Must Visit Places in Canada
Must Visit Places in Canada

We can’t forget the famous Niagara Fall it will be fun. While travelling around Canada and exploring the beauty of this country how can someone miss a trip to famous Niagara Fallsview resorts. So plan your visit. Also check the allslots casino review and play some real money games like Poker.

Canada is the favorite destination among students who look to study abroad. There is proper paper work need to be done before you can apply for study visa so it is better to take services of famous visa planner.

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