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Be Aware Of Fraudulent Job Agencies Offering Jobs in Canada

Numerous times! You must have either read in the news headlines or watched on the news channels about how these employment consultants who trick innocent people from many parts of India including North-East and show them the wonderland of an overseas country and lure them into applying for a job to go to a foreign country and get settled there. But, Be Aware Of Fraudulent Job Agencies Offering Jobs in Canada.

Stay away from fraudulent Job Agencies Offering Jobs in Canada
Stay away from fraudulent Job Agencies Offering Jobs in Canada

However, there are only a few reported matters that come in the news; many cases like these go unreported. Today we are going to inform you about such fraud agents and the lucrative employment opportunities offered by them.

Be Aware Of Fraudulent Job Agencies Offering Jobs in Canada

Since Canada has a booming economy and has a high standard of living, many people thrive to go there. The working environment there is also great. This is the main reason why millions of people want to move to Canada to work there and dream to have a modern lifestyle. However, these people are unaware of the fact that there are hundreds of scammers waiting for the vulnerable and ignorant people to prey on them.

How often do you hear about the fraud employment consultancies and human trafficking?

They not only play with your dreams but also manipulate you into giving all your finances, while mislead and fantasize you into a bright future in Canada.

It is because the salaries are very high in Canada; these innocent Indians are easily misguided by these fraud agencies and become their prey.

Is it really easy for anyone to get a job in Canada?

The answer is no. In these competitive times; it is not easy to get employment in a foreign country like Canada. You have to be qualified, skillful and smart. Since India is the primary source of the qualified and skilled workforce for many countries, at the same time, many people are not qualified and skillful enough to grab the provided job opportunities. Irrespective of this, they build a castle in air and dream of working in Canada.

At this point, the fake employment agents hunting for these vulnerable Indians take advantage of the situation and tempt them into easy job options and entrap them.

Precautions to be taken while hiring any job agent

  • Ignore the voluntary emails that promise quick and hassle free work permit or visa in an overseas country.
  • If an agent promises good salary, immediate work permit, and great perks; be aware!
  • When you apply for a particular company, then try to search about it by adding scam after the company’s name. Also, check the website of the enterprise and contact the HR department there to know about the job offer. Do not be afraid of calling them. If the company is interested in providing a job, they will revert to your queries.
  • Do not trust the employment agency, which organizes interviews on either phone or Skype or any other software online. Also, never accept a job offer without any employment formalities. Canadian companies do not just hire anyone without proper procedures.

Do not be too desperate to go to Canada. Never use forged documents even if your employment agent says that they have a contact in Canada immigration department. It is impossible, and all such claims are false. The Canadian government is different, and so are the procedures. And, do not take the Canada high commission for granted. They are too smart to catch your fraud in a jiffy.

For more information regarding employment in Canada, please write a query in the comment section below and we would try to give you an honest opinion.

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