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How long does it take to get Permanent Residence in Canada?

Are you planning to apply for a permanent residence in Canada? And are you unsure how long will it take? The time taken to get the permanent Residence depends on a lot of factors including the immigration stream you have chosen, the points you have scored, your documents and your verification status. It also depends on through which program you have applied.

Permanent Residence in Canada
Interested in Canadian Citizenship?- How long does it take for Permanent Residence in Canada?

The programs through which you can apply and time taken for Permanent Residence in Canada

  • One of the ways of applying for permanent residence is through the Canada Express Entry which is considered as the fastest immigration program as it takes 6 months. If you are eligible for this program then you must have a convincing profile based on your educations details, work experience, language proficiency and proper documents to prove everything.
  • Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is meant for the skilled workers coming from foreign nations and seeking permanent residence in Canada. The eligible candidates are selected through the Express Entry System which takes about 6 months if everything is alright.
  • Canada Experience Class is the program for those who are already doing a temporary job in Canada and would like to settle down permanently. Takes about 4 to 6 months to get application approved
  • Provincial Nominee program for various provinces like Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, etc. also are ways in which you can get permanent residence in Canada. Now, if you apply for the Provincial Nominee Program through the Express Entry system then you can get permanent residency in 6 months. But if you apply for permanent residency via the Provincial Nominee Program but not through Express Entry System then it may take more than 15 months to get the residency. This program allows the applicants to select the province they want to settle in.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program is also one of the ways in which you can apply for permanent residency in Canada. This involves economic immigration and is meant for those who want to settle in the province of Quebec. The applicants can choose Montreal or any other city in the province of Quebec. Through this system, it may take approximately 13 months to get a permanent residency. The program has a wide number of criteria on which the applicants are selected to acquire a permanent residency in the province of Quebec.
  • Any person who wishes to get a permanent residency in Canada on the grounds of business or if he is an investor or entrepreneur then it may take a long time for him to gain the approval. The time taken is approximately 7 months.
  • The Family Sponsorship Program is another one which allows existing permanent citizens of Canada to nominate their family members for a permanent residency. This program is run solely by the Government of Canada. The time taken to acquire an approval for permanent residency through this program depends on the type of application.

When you have longed on Express Entry, after that you will receive Invitation To Apply (ITA) which can come after any duration of time but if you receive it you can get your PR within 6 months.

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