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Is There A Way To Get A Canadian Job Offer While Applying From India, YES Find out

Are you interested in immigration to Canada and want a Canadian Job Offer While Applying From India from an employer from Canada?

For people who want to migrate to Canada, the greatest problem they face is the lack of career opportunities in Canadian companies. So, it is always better to go there with a job in hand. In this article, we will try to resolve your problems regarding job opportunities, while applying for immigration to the country like Canada. Here, we will provide you all the specifics about how to  Get A Canadian Job Offer While Applying From India.

How to Get Canadian Job Offer While Applying From India
How to Get Canadian Job Offer While Applying From India

Job Requirements in Canada- How to ensure to get a Job offer while you are yet to land in Canada

When you want to immigrate to a country like Canada, there are several points to be considered before applying for the immigration. For example, many individuals cannot survive overseas, without a job. Any individual should immigrate in Canada only when he is already aware of the career opportunities available, or has already been selected by any employer there.

Have you considered Applying to a Canadian University for upgrading skills and later on getting Job offer through Campus Placement?

Other than that, the only other possibility is to apply for education in the Canadian University, which most people either cannot afford as that may be a very expensive option or are qualified enough for further education. It is not possible that you move to the country and then looks for a job, which can be both tedious and disheartening.

Sadly, this is the worst situation, where you have got the immigration clearance without any job. And this may be regrettable, once you shift to Canada as the cost of living is also very high.

Employment Opportunities to  Get A Canadian Job Offer While Applying From India  with Canadian Companies

Today, we will discuss that how to explore job openings in Canada or approach an employer for a job, while sitting in India.

Canadian Job Offer While Applying From India
How to Get Canadian Job Offer While Applying From India

Through Networking- with your friends and colleagues in Canadian Companies

Networking is one of the best ways to get an employment offer from a Canadian company. In case, you have someone from the friends or family in Canada, who is already settled there, can make things easier for you. Whether a friend or a family member, they all can help you in finding a job and will support you regarding information of new vacancies from Canada while you are still in India.

Also, the employment opportunities depend upon the Labor Market Impact Assessment requirement of Canada. Hence, Ministry of Employment and Social Development Canada plays a significant role in giving a permit for the hiring from an overseas country.

Through Various Employment Agencies in Canada that specialize in marketing your resume to Potential Employers

An employment agency can be the best option to help you secure a job abroad.  You just need to find a suitable consultant that can provide a job in your field of experience, or as per your educational qualifications and skill sets. Most of the Canadian employers rely upon these agencies for the talent in an overseas country. Moreover, many of these employment agencies offer the Live-In Caregiver Program also these days.

If You make your Resume well, with or without help of any expert, Employment Agencies might be able to link you up with an employer who can even wait till you arrive in Canada ! 

However, there are only several agencies that are supported by the Immigration department. So, be careful and gather all the information before you go for an employment agency.


Hence, in case, you want to immigrate to Canada, then acquire a job before you apply for immigration to cut down your job hunting time as you land in Canada. Based on responses received from employers in various provinces you would also be able to make up your mind regarding choice of province you want to settle in.

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