What should be my minimum income requirements to sponsor relatives in Canada?

In order to sponsor any member of the family for permanent citizenship in Canada, the sponsors must meet the minimum income requirements to sponsor relatives. It is better if he or she exceeds the Minimum Necessary Income or MNI for the program before he sponsors a relative to visit them in Canada.

According to the family sponsorship program 2016, a short online form has to be filled to let the government know that the sponsor is interested in sponsoring someone. The government then chooses 10, 000 entries at random and invites those people to sponsor their parents or grandparents.

Minimum Income Requirements to Sponsor Relatives in Canada for Visiting

Minimum income requirements to sponsor relatives in Canada
Minimum income requirements to sponsor relatives in Canada

The Minimum Income Requirement depends on number of family members of sponsoring person

The MNI varies depending on the number of family members being supported in Canada, the geographical existence of the sponsor and the number of family members who are to be sponsored.

For sponsoring parents or grandparents, the sponsor in Canada will be eligible for the program only if he exceeds the MNI for three consecutive years. This requirement is needed to ensure that the sponsor is ready to look after the financial requirements of the members they bring home.

People Who Can Use This Sponsorship Program

The application guide is meant for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada who are 18 years or above. If they intend to sponsor their parents or grandparents, this application can be used if the sponsor receives an invitation to apply. According to the family sponsorship program 2016, this application package can be used to sponsor parents, grandparents and spouses.

Some Rules To Follow before sponsoring a person to visit Canada

When you sponsor some member from your family, an undertaking should be signed with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. This undertaking is nothing but a promise to provide financial support and basic requirements for the family members the sponsor is bringing home. The basic requirements include food, utilities, personal requirements, clothing, shelter, fuel and other household supplies. This also includes other health care facilities which are not provided by the public health department like eye and dental care.

It should be unconditional letter of Support and can be for a maximum period of 20 years-

Letter of Support will survive even subsequent divorce, if that happens

The undertaking ensures that these persons and their family members do not have to take any other help for social assistance.  The duration for which one can sponsor his parents, grandparents or spouses is 20 years. The most important thing to be kept in mind in this regard is that this undertaking is an unconditional promise of support. This means that granting of Canadian citizenship, separation, divorce or relationship breakdown or moving to any other place will not cancel the undertaking. This undertaking is also valid if the financial situation of the sponsor deteriorates.

Minimum Income Requirements to Sponsor a Person to Canada

According to family sponsorship program 2016, following are the different MNI figures which are to be met.

Number of person Amount
For 1 person $22, 590
For 2 persons $30, 495
For 3 persons $37, 650
For 4 persons $43, 301
For 5 persons $48, 192
more than 5 members extra $4, 891 per person


Cases Where You Can Not Sponsor a relative to Visit Canada

You may not sponsor if you are in need of social assistance for a reason other than disability, if you are bankrupt, you are convicted of a sexual crime or a violent criminal offense, you are under the removal order or are detained in a penitentiary jail, reformatory or prison.

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