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Want to stay with your parents in Canada? Get Super Visa for parents and grand parents from today!

If you thought that getting Super Visa for parents and grand parents to Canada was a difficult task, you may want to think again.

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, you can get your parents or grandparents visit your country with the help of the Super Visa for Parents and Grand parents for Canada. It is basically a multi-entry, long-term visa or temporary resident permit that allows the parents and grandparents of citizens or permanent residents to stay for a period of 2 years at a stretch.

Super Visa for Parents and Grand Parents
Super Visa for Parents and Grand Parents

Who are eligible for Super Visa?

The only people eligible for Super Visa are the parents and grandparents of the permanent residents of Canada. The dependents of the parents or grandparents are not eligible for the Super Visa. If they have to visit the country, they can do so by means of regular visitor Visa.

Other factors that play a major role behind the eligibility factor include the purpose of the visit, the ties of the visitor to his home country, the finances of the visitor and the political and economic stability of the visitor’s home country also play some role in making him or her eligible for the super visa.

Earning requirement of the permanent resident for Applying Super Visa

For the parents or grandparents to be eligible for Super Visa program, you will have to meet the minimum earning requirement, which varies in accordance with the size of the family of the permanent resident. The Low-income cut off or LICO table requires the permanent resident to have an income of $24,328 if there is only one member in the family. The rest of the table is as follows. Please note that the Parents and Grand parents for which visa is being applied are also counted in the number of dependents as in table below

2 members $30,286
3 members $37,234
4 members $45,206
5 members $51,272
6 members $57,826
7 members $64,381
Every additional member $6,555


Medical exam requirements for Super Visa

Certain medical exams are required to be done before the parent or grandparent is allowed to enter Canada with Super Visa and plan to stay for a period of more than 6 months. Usually, the instructions regarding the medical exams are sent out to the applicant by one of the immigration officers. The exams, however, cannot be carried out by any doctor of your choice. The doctor has to be a panel member from the approved list of doctors in your country. This panel has to be approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada only. You can access the list of panel doctors from the government website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

You need to remember that the validity of the results of the medical exam is only 12 months, post which you would have to undergo the whole process of medical exams once again.

Processing time for Super Visa

The processing time of the Super Visa depends on a number of factors which include

  • the number of applications received by the IRCC
  • the country from where the Visa is being applied for
  • The ease with which the IRCC can verify the information
  • Completeness of the application
  • How quickly the applicant responds to the queries and concerns, if any crop up during the course of the processing of the application.

Excluding the transit time of the application between the VAC (Visa Application Center) and the IRCC, the processing time for the Super Visa for parents and grandparents is currently 90 days when applied from the US and the UK. The approximate processing times for other major countries are as follows

Australia & New Zealand – 90 days
India – 59 days
Pakistan – 156 days
China – 77 days
Japan – 90 days
Major European countries – 90 days
Major South American countries – 90 days

Length of stay while on Super Visa

With Super Visa for parents and grandparents, the visitors can stay for a maximum period of 2 years after they enter Canada.

Insurance requirements for Super Visa

The applicants are also required to submit the proof that they have got Canadian medical insurance that would cover them during their stay in Canada. The criteria for the medical insurance are as follows.

  • It should cover the applicant for general health care, hospitalization as well as repatriation.
  • The minimum coverage amount should be $100,000
  • The insurance should be valid for minimum one year after the applicant enters Canada.

How to apply for Super visa?

The process of applying for the Super visa is nothing different from the process of applying for a regular visitor visa. The application can be done online as well as on paper at a Visa Application Center or VAC. If applied at VAC, the application has to be done in person.

Once the VAC staff has checked all the papers and the relevant fees have been paid, the applicant would need to give the biometrics details for the application to be completed. If the application is done online, scanned copies of all relevant documents would have to be uploaded in the portal, failing which, the application will not get approved by IRCC.

The Super Visa fees

The fees that have to be paid while applying for Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents is $100 which allows single as well as multiple entries to the visiting parents and grandparents. If the application is submitted at VAC, the VAC service charges would add to the Visa fees as well.

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