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Trump government broadens the net for deporting illegal immigrants

The Trump government has come up with tough guidelines which widen the scope for deporting illegal immigrants from the United States and accelerate their removal. Such guidelines do not amend the US immigration laws; however, they offer a tougher approach in enforcing the current measures.

Deporting illegal immigrants- using Provisions of earlier Laws only- Estimated 11 Million people at Risk of being deported

As per an estimate, the number of illegal immigrants in the United States is about 11 million.

Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary said that the new guidelines will not lead in bulk deportations, but is intended for empowering agents in enforcing laws present on the books.

Mr. Spicer further added that the message from the Department of Homeland Security and the White House is that those who have committed a crime, or who pose a threat to national security, will be first on the list to be sent back.

What has changed in US Immigration Scenario since Obama reign?

  1. The DHS’s (Department of Homeland Security) new plan leaves in place the Obama-era guards for the immigrants who have moved in the United States illegitimately as children, impacting around about 750,000 young people.
  2. These guidelines expand more than the restricted guidance which was issued under the preceding administration that focused on immigrants who were threats to the security of the country, convicted of serious crimes, or who crossed the border recently.
  3. As per the Department of Homeland Security implementation memos, Donald Trump administration would principally prioritize the deportation of nearly all the undocumented settlers, everywhere.
  4. The list of prioritized illegal immigrants of the Homeland Security Department is so wide so as to consist of every class of illegal immigrants with breather for individuals who have arrived in the United States as children.
Trump Administration has accelerated the pace for deporting illegal immigrants
Trump Administration has accelerated the pace for deporting illegal immigrants

Massive Recruitment Planned to supplement Staff to arrest and Deport Immigrants

All this would need more manpower and money and the Trump Government is going to go on a hiring splurge for addressing the manpower issue while they would ask Congress for the latter. State and local law-enforcement officials would also be permitted for arresting illegal immigrants.

Whereas Obama aggressively imposed immigration laws and elevated the deportations in some of the areas and at times, there were prominent cases where he de-emphasized action. In Trump reign, the immigration authorities are provided with the power for making a border-to-border, sea-to-sea push.

What’s the new order all about?- As against earlier Immigrants for less than 14 days and with in 100 miles of border- all immigrants being deported

The 2 memos which were released by the agency permit the Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol and Immigration for deporting people immediately. During Obama’s rule, expedited eliminations were made applicable for people who were in the US for less than 14 days and within the perimeter of 100 miles from the border.

Under the Trump’s guidance, agents could expedite deportations for the illegal immigrants who are not able to demonstrate that they are in the US for more than 2 years, anywhere in the United States.

New priorities of the guidelines to Deport Illegal Immigrants comprise of:

  1. Intensifying the deportations of undocumented immigrants charged with a crime, pose a threat to national safety, or have abused programs that are related to receipt of public benefits by effectively permitting the agents for arresting any undocumented immigrant which they come across.
  2. Winding up United States policy for releasing those who were held at the borders and instead retaining them into detention centers till their cases are decided
  3. Enabling authorities for prosecuting parents who assist smuggling of their kids into the country
  4. Permitting plans for beginning the expansion of border wall along the United States southern border
  5. The Department of Homeland Security plans for hiring an additional 10,000 agents for Customs Enforcement and Immigration and additional 5,000 border patrol officers for enforcing the new guidance.

As per John Kelly, DHS Secretary, the flow of undocumented immigration at the southern border has astounded the federal agencies and has brought about a substantial national security exposure to the US.

Kelly’s memo further includes instructions for enforcing the existing provision of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act which enables the authorities for sending people who are caught illegitimately at the border to Mexico, notwithstanding from where they belong.

It is not clear whether the United States has the authority for forcing Mexico to assent foreigners.

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