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How the Budget 2017 helps newcomers to get the well deserved jobs in Canada?

The Canadian Government has arrived with a fresh Targeted Employment Strategy for Immigrants in Canadain the Budget 2017 that is solely aimed at aiding the talented newcomers from all over the world to grab more lucrative jobs based on their skills and education.

What is new in Targeted Employment Strategy for Immigrants in Canada?
What is new in Targeted Employment Strategy for Immigrants in Canada?

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How Budget 2017 will simplify the job hunt for the newcomers in Canada? Will Targeted Employment Strategy help Immigrants?

With a view to empower more employment opportunities across the entire horizon of Canada, which will in turn help in the growth of the economy as a whole, the government of Canada has designed the new Budget 2017. According to Honorable Patty Hajdu, Ministry of Employment, Workforce Development and Labor and Honorable Ahmed Hussain, Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, the government has proposed an initiative known as the Targeted Employment Strategy for New Immigrants.

The key Objectives behind this particular Targeted employment strategy for immigrants are detailed under:

  1. It is not always a cakewalk for the Newcomers to find the correct job in Canada based on their qualification, skills and experience. The new Targeted Employment Strategy program will ensure that it becomes easier for them to utilize their skills and find the exact job in Canada.
  2. There will be an enhanced pre-arrival procedure that will facilitate the foreign credential recognition process prior to entry in Canada.
  3. It is essential to get the foreign credentials recognized for the newcomers in order to get the right job in Canada. There will be a specialized loan program included as a part of the Targeted Employment Strategy that will support the newcomers with the necessary licensing exams, training, travel and skills development, which are required for getting the recognition of the foreign credentials.
  4. Another major milestone of the program is a pilot project that will evaluate the innovative approaches for helping the newcomers in Canada to gain relevant work experience in a specific field.

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Canadian Government has allocated large funds for this project to help Immigrants

The Targeted Employment Strategy for Newcomers has been allocated a sum of $27.5million for a span of five years starting from 2017 with $5.5 million every year as committed by Budget 2017 in Canada.

Other Features of the Targeted Employment Strategy

Apart from the above-mentioned standpoints, this program will encompass other vital requirements like lifelong learning that comes as a part of the Innovation and Skills Plan of Canada, Indigenous People and Women and tasks with allied provinces and territories that will in turn support the Canadians to search and retain prospective jobs.

Will it be able to help Immigrants get Jobs Faster?

The program will therefore, solve the problem of job hunt for the newcomers and also enable them to earn proper wages for their work with minimal dependency on government transfers.
As per the Honorable Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labor, “I’m proud of our government’s new Targeted Employment Strategy for Newcomers, which is part of our plan to help people, as well as internationally trained newcomers, find and keep good, well-paying jobs; this will strengthen our middle class, help those working hard to join it, and grow our economy.” In addition to these comments, the Honorable Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship also stated, “Attracting the best and brightest from around the world benefits all Canadians, and is one of the Government of Canada’s top priorities. I am proud that our government is supporting newcomers and helping them overcome barriers that limit their employment opportunities in Canada.”

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