Why Canada Turning Into A Global Hub for Investor Category Immigration Instead of the US

With the new president Trump at helm of affairs in US,  the United States’ immigration policies and programs are also vastly changing up. Among all these, perhaps, one of the revolutionary change will be witnessed soon with US immigration program for investors. As per the latest revelation, the minimum price cap of the said program is about to get hiked from its earlier $500,000 limit, an unaltered figure since the past 27 years, to $1.3 million. This will be applicable from the end of April 2017. The program is also known as EB-5. With all these changes, Canada is fast becoming first choice for Investor Category Immigration over US

Canada’s Investor Category Immigration Program for Investors

Therefore, global investors and entrepreneurs are bound to look forward to investing elsewhere and to migrate too. However, in this context, Canada may now emerge as a potential player for attracting more foreign investors. The country has recently grown up with bigger possibilities for universal industrialisation and it currently offers the investors to migrate to their country with a minimum amount of only $115,000 to $300,000. Manitoba province recently witnessed an influx of applicants for Canada’s immigration program for investors in October last year.

Investor Category Immigration for Canada
Investor Category Immigration for Canada

Global investors’ immigration programs are majorly seen in each and every developing country. But whenever the questions of easy access to available resources, diversity in productions and cost effectiveness arise, Canada can be undeniable considered as one of the best and safest places to land and do business without any hassle. In recent days, the trends of global business summits have also taken over the country.

Advantages of Canadian Immigrant Investor Program

Canada approximately offers 12 investor immigration programs with permanent residency advantage for the overseas investment tycoons in the country. The processing of application usually takes lesser time.

The business opportunities provided by the country are normally risk-free. As unlike the US, the opportunities in the country require lesser capital. Furthermore, these can be monitored closely by keeping an eye on all the financial transactions while staying in Canada. Therefore, all the possible chances of disruption and frauds can be easily avoided in these provincial investor programs of the country.

Moreover, as the minimum cap for such programs in Canada is comparatively lower than the similar instances of other potential countries, middle-class investors and entrepreneurs also get equal opportunities to do business in the nation.

All and all, Canada can be considered as a recommendable option for the global entrepreneurs irrespective of their investment capacity.

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