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Express Entry 2017- The Lowest CRS Declared For Aspiring Immigrants Announced

While United States was busy banning the entry of immigrants and making strict rules for an H1-B visa, Canada made a smart move with the Express Entry 2017 new rules. Canada has not only been a welcoming hand for refugees from around the globe but a better place for all the immigrants aiming for employment and to settle down.  The news is everywhere now, this year Canada has declared the lowest CRS for the aspiring immigrants.

Express Entry 2017 – The Details!

  • The whole immigration process is being handled by (IRCC) The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
  • The express entry is restricted to only those applicants who receive (ITA) “Invitation to Apply” from the government.
  • The ITA is released to applicants who clear the minimum CRS criterion.
  • CRS is the Comprehensive Ranking Score in which points are given to the applicant by their education, applicants and their spouse’s work experience and the proficiency level of French or English language.
  • This system was introduced in 2015 for controlling and managing immigration flow into the country, to manage inventory, and to speed up the processing timeline.
  • Since then, IRCC sends regular guidelines in the form of (MI) Ministerial Instructions to set the CRS criterions every year and a token number of applicants to whom “Invitation to Apply” would be sent.

How and Why 2017 is going to be a Happier Year for Immigrants to Canada?

As per new plans, the decreased CRS criterion will make most of the entries through Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker, and Canadian Experience Class. This step shall, therefore, be decreasing the competition for the immigrants applying through Express Entry 2017.

This term in 2017, Canada targets to give permanent residency to 300,000. Out of which 4,000 are going to be additional family class and 12,000 would economic applicants. In order, to control the flow, it will accept 16,000 lesser refugees than before. The analysis says that 71,000 applicants are going to come through Express Entry 2017. The number includes the family members of the applicants.

Canadian Express Entry 2017
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Falling CRS for issuing ITA would mean more and more applicants would be successful for Immigrating to Canada

If for instance, even if we consider the family size being of 2, around 35,500 applicants with a CRS of 400 or more would be allotted the letter for “Invitation To Apply.” Also, there shall be no capping on the number of applicants applying for the Express Entry. But yes, the applicants have to submit the documents before the deadlines, and the IRCC will decide the range of applicants to be allotted ITA under Express Entry after looking at the total number of the applications filed.

The recent draw shows that the lowest CRS at which letter for assigned was 434 but is expected to go low still.

The new policies are for all the applicants willing to move to Canada. Applicants with CRS of 400 and more should pack their bags; they are soon to receive ITA from the government. Once you get it, you will have 90 days of the frame to submit the documents.

Be cautious! Express entry is very strict with the rules, even if one document is missing, it will reject your application. Well, good luck for applying to Express Entry 2017! And if you still have doubts feel free to contact us and do leave your valuable reviews below.

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