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How to improve your express entry scores and get Invitation to apply

express entry The express entry is a fully electronic process involving the federal government, provincial government and Canadian employers. It is an immigrations system which selects skilled workers for Canada under Federal Economic Programs. Applicants submit an online profile to the Express Entry Pool. After that, the Canadian employers and the Provincial Governments across Canada go through the profiles and make a list of most suitable candidates. Those candidates are invited by the Federal Government to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

What are the requirements to be eligible for an ITA?

Following are the requirements to be eligible for an ITA-

No. 1 A candidate should have high express entry profile.

No. 2 He should have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

No. 3 Candidate should have been nominated either by a province or territory.

How to secure high points in the express entry?

Before we go ahead- express entry applicants should understand that- increasing their score beyond eligibility and being eligible to enter the express entry pool are two different things. One should have enough points to obtain ITA. Candidates are assessed and scored on the point based system called CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) to rank them in the express entry pool. Click here to know more about CRS. Your selection depends on the following details:

Education: Education is a highly valued factor under CRS. Completing an additional level of education can be beneficial. Some candidates who are only a few courses or months away from completing their diploma, degree or certificate that when assessed would help to improve their ranking under CRS. Other candidates can enrol in higher education, completing the program would increase their chance of accomplishing their Canadian immigration dream.

trying to get a job offer through networking is single most important step to improve crs for ita “

Language: Language plays a crucial role in CRS system as it is worth 260 points. Candidates with fluent English and or French may have maximized their points potential on entry to the pool. Candidates who have room for improvement in any of the four categories- Speak, Listen, Read and Write can bring improvement in their CRS. A candidate who is bilingual should take the test in both the languages (English and French) if he doesn’t do so he will lose 24 points.

Work experience: Canadian work experience is valued more than non-Canadian work experience. Even though a non-Canadian work experience is an important factor within combinations. If a candidate has strong language skill but only one or two years of job experience outside Canada he will be rewarded with 25 points. As soon as the candidate has three-year experience- 25 points will be added to his profile.

A couple can increase their chances: Candidate with a spouse can secure high in CRS. Spouse’s educational qualification, language ability and Canadian work experience are plus points. Every couple should decide smartly that who should be the principal applicant. For example, if one of the partners is 34 years old & highly qualified and the other partner is younger but less qualified such situation won’t make much difference. There are 20 points for language, 10 for education and 10 for Canadian work experience.

Provincial nominee programs: PNP has 600 points and to secure these points one has to display his education record, work record, stay up to date on the Canadian immigration news and have all the documents reviewed & ready for prompt application. PNP categories open and close quickly, sometimes within days or even hours.

Improving Express Entry Score
Improving Express Entry Score

Obtaining a job by Networking and Visiting Canada: One of the most important aspect to secure high in the CRS is- obtaining a Canadian job offer from abroad. One has to make a network, connection and secure interviews. Not only would visit to Canada increase a candidate’s chances to get a skilled job but it may also increase their PNP options.

What happens once I receive an ITA?

If you receive an ITA following courses will take place:

No. 1 You will be told the name of the skilled immigrant program for which you got accepted.

No. 2 Candidate will be asked to apply for PR within 60 days.

No. 3 You will be asked to submit all required documents and fee to complete the application for PR.

What if I don’t get an invitation?

You can stay in the express entry pool for one year. Candidate can see this detail in their account. Your express entry profile will expire if you are not invited to apply within 12 months of application. Candidate will get the message if the express entry expires. You may have to apply again to stay in pool

However since the revision to this program are expected in November 2016, in case you are not able to make it before November 2016, you may as well wait for new rules


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