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How to find part time job as international student in USA


As an international student in the United States, you may find the cost of tuition and living higher than what it used to back home. Hence, most students take advantage of the option to work part-time to supplement their expenses. As a full time international student, you can work for 20 hours in a week, but only within the college campus.

A part-time job helps you gain financial stability and supplement your tuition fee, books & lab supplies, transportation, food, housing, etc.

Part-time Jobs available for international students: You can find part time work within the university services such as at the Libraries, bookstore, and cafeteria, gymnasium, apart from the very competitive internships such as Teaching assistant, research assistant, grader, or an administrative assistant. Contact your Designated School Official (DSO) to find out more information on the different types of jobs available on campus for international students.

Working on Campus will help you meet students from across the world know their culture, language, and personalities.

Finding Part-Time jobs as an International student: Without any doubt, part-time jobs help you financially alongside offers an opportunity to learn about different cultures, people, etc. However finding a job is a challenging task. As on campus, part-time jobs are available only in limited numbers, while there are many aspirants of these jobs.

Prepare a Killer Resume: Your resume, Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your main sales point. Prepare a CV that attracts the attention of prospective employer and keeps him engaged and interested in your profile. Prepare a custom CV for each different position you apply.

Keep looking for jobs: Every university has a career center, which maintains a database of part time jobs available on campus. You can check these openings on-line on their website and apply there. Additionally, you should connect with seniors and see if they can help you in finding a part time job.

Contact the heads of departments: Proactively reach out and drop your resume at every department, business center, etc. Let others know that you are looking for a part-time job on campus.

Volunteer: Volunteering may be a good way of exhibiting your skills, and getting to know the right person to reach out with a job request.

Be Persistent: Finding limited jobs on campus is no easy task, but that should not deter you from looking for a job. Persistence is the key.

Finally, make sure that you get your priorities right, and concentrate more on your education. Part-time job is only a way to support your student life in the USA.


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