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Topmost colleges and universities of USA with placement and scholarship facilities

USA is one of the zenith destinations for students throughout the world today. The Topmost colleges and universities of USA offer excellent placement and scholarship facilities to the foreign students.

Topmost colleges and universities of USA
Topmost colleges and universities of USA

Topmost colleges and universities of USA with placement and scholarship benefits:

There is a reason for which students from all over the world especially South Asian countries flock towards USA for higher education. It is the haven of some of the top ranked institutions such as Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) holding 1st position internationally, Harvard University (2nd position), Stanford University (3rd position), California Institute of Technology (CalTech – 5th position) and University of Chicago (10th position).

Apart from these top class universities, there are other universities as well that offer lots of opportunities in terms of scholarship and placements. Given under is a list of some of the universities of USA along with the amount of scholarships offered by those:

  • Allegheny College – Yearly scholarship up to US$28000 and 4Year Scholarship up to US$112000. A GPA of 3.0 and 1200 SAT score is required to avail the same.
  • Gannon University – 4Year scholarship amount of US$(64000-76000) and yearly scholarship US$(16000-19000).
  • La Roche College – 4Year scholarship US$(40000-56000) and yearly scholarship amount of US$(10000-14000).
  • Malone University – 4Year scholarship US$(40000-56000) and yearly scholarship amount of US$(10000-14000).
  • Point Park University – US$72000 (4Year) and US$18000 (Yearly).
  • Youngstown State University – 4Year scholarship US$(16000-20000) and yearly scholarship amount of US$(4000-5000).
  • Westminster College – 4Year scholarship US$(40000-70000) and yearly scholarship amount of US$(10000-17500).
  • Thiel College – 4Year scholarship US$(32000-40000) and yearly scholarship amount of US$(8000-10000).

Student to maintain Grade Point Average, SAT Score for Scholarship

However, in some cases, students have to maintain a certain Grade Point Average or GPA and a SAT score for availing the scholarships. An International Students Network forum is also present where the students can get in touch with significant people in order who can arrange for scholarships for the students coming from abroad.

Placement positions offer to students

The concept of placement is a bit different in USA. First of all, it is not quite acquainted with the term ‘placement’ and rather is more familiar with on-campus recruitment.

In USA, every university has a Career Service Centre that will assist the students in getting jobs, preparing for interviews, providing options for internships, giving employment options while studying inside the campus and many such allied activities.

However, companies that visit the campuses of the USA universities will never hire the students for full-time. The students will rather be given internships and during this period, the company will judge the work of the hired student for few weeks or months. After optimum satisfaction received from the work will a company hire for full-time.

Organization of Career Fairs and Online Job Portal

Usually, the Topmost colleges and universities of USA have tie-ups with many Fortune 500 companies and this is the main reason that the students prefer to join any such USA university in the hope of getting recruited by any one of these companies.

Sometimes, a ‘Career Fair’ is being organized by the University Career Centre where the students can drop their curriculum vitae so that the companies can connect with them later on or even at the spot of the fair as well.

A facility of online job portal is also available that requires the students to spend some amount and keep in touch with the best companies for jobs. What’s more, the students can even get their H1B sponsor as well.

However, no matter how prospective the universities may be, the students will have to put in extra efforts in order to grab a good job, internship or scholarship.

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