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US universities expenses soaring high and American students are suffering for the administration policies opted by Trump

As an aftershock of President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policies, there will be a supposed decline in the inflow of international students along with the funds received from them due to which, the very American students will have to bear the brunt. Henceforth, this will definitely soar up the tuition fees of the U.S. universities. In short, US universities expenses soaring high due to the immigration issues recently triggered by Donald Trump.

US universities expenses soaring high
Will Trump’s Policies make US universities expenses soaring high?


How the inhibitory immigration policies will create problems for U.S universities? Will Trump’s Policies make US universities expenses soaring high?

According to a report of the Institute of International Education, almost around one million international students or even more were studying in the U.S universities last year who added almost $35 billion to the economy of the U.S. This huge figure clearly speaks of the fact that the U.S. universities are largely dependent upon the funds received from the international students for running the universities in its present condition.

Moreover, this also helps to keep the costs for the American students in check and they in fact, study at pretty subsidized rates of tuition fees and other allied fees of the universities. But, Trump’s Policies would make US universities expenses soaring high for native students due to the lack of incoming funds from immigrant students.

Muslims Students already Scared- Opting for Other Destinations as Canada or Australia

However, Trump’s unruly immigration policies imposing travel ban for seven Muslim populated countries have started causing unrest amongst the international students already. The highest numbers of international students come from china and India followed by Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. Although Saudi Arabia is not one of the seven countries, yet, it is also populated with Muslims and hence stays at risk under the White House scanner.

In fact, the Muslim students who are already studying in these universities have started wrapping up from U.S to get enrolled in other international universities of Canada and Australia because of the increasing feeling of insecurity that is rising by leaps and bounds with each passing day due to President Trump’s degrading policies. The admissions and enrollment offices of the universities are witnessing decline in the annual enrollment and admission of the international students as well.

Operating Costs of Many US Universities will go high- Will USA be able to sustain Financial Burden due to Trump’s Anti Immigrant Policies?

For example, almost 3700 international students were studying last year and around 14000 from the two campuses of just one university known as The University of Central Missouri. These students were paying full tuition fees inclusive of non-residential fees that aided the university’s domestic funding to a large extent as stated by Mike Godard, the vice provost for enrollment management of The University of Central Missouri. This will force US universities expenses soaring high, directly affecting the American students. Due to this extreme financial burden, they may be bound to apply in the Canadian and Australian universities as well.

As Mike Gottlieb, deputy director of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, or AACRAO commented, potential Muslim students are pausing their studies and not even opting for U.S universities fearing adverse environment due to Trump’s policies. The seven banned countries itself were bringing in almost $700million into U.S economy as per a research report of College Factual that will first come as a big jolt for the universities. Aftereffects have already started showing up with seven colleges facing reduction in the ongoing college admissions and enrollments.

Present Scenario: The universities of Canada and Australia are utilizing this severe political situation in the U.S to enhance the enrollments by simplifying the visa procedures. In fact, Australia will be giving temporary visas for 18months initially that will subsequently increase to four years and ultimately providing permanent citizenship as well.

Canadian Universities are far More Open Mindset and hence US loss could be Canada’s Gain

Canadian universities are already known for their open-minded nature in recruiting students and professors from across the globe including those like refugees, etc. who are in search of respite from violence and hostility. On the other hand, according to Lindsay Addington, director of National Association of College Admission Counseling, the universities having brand recognition may still manage to attract students due to their awesome alumni networks but the medium and low-sized universities will face the major blow due to these pernicious political policies.

Universities like Arizona State University, University of California and University of Bridgeport are not even inclined to discuss anything regarding this matter. The probable reason might be that almost 41% of the student strength of these colleges consists of international students.

Even though protests, lawsuits and activisms against these policies have initiated, yet, the universities are hardly hopeful and are preparing to be armed against the aftereffects forthcoming in the future.

Canada- Next hot favorite destination of Study for International Students

However, all these are even making the American students to leave universities in their own country and go to the Canadian universities. Where Canadian universities are seeing almost 70% rise in the U.S students’ applications, on the other hand, the corresponding schools also saw 20% rise in the admissions. Needless to say that while U.S door closes for a significant portion of the world, many other doors are ready to welcome these international students wholeheartedly and this includes the fateful students of the United States of America as well.

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